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Global Initiatives

Did you know YMCA Calgary is part of a global movement of YMCAs in approximately 120 countries? Through Global Initiatives, YMCA Calgary seeks to develop a global perspective in our members and program participants to support the global youth development movement of YMCAs. We believe that we have a lot to learn from one another and value opportunities to connect with other YMCAs and their members.

YMCA Global Partners

Partnerships promote sharing of knowledge and resources with YMCAs in other parts of the globe and provide opportunity to support local community development work abroad. Through exchanges, staff and volunteers from both associations learn from each other’s strengths and benefit from exposure to new cultures and perspectives.

YMCA Calgary currently partners with YMCA Ukraine and YMCA Bogota, Colombia.

Partnerships promote sharing of knowledge and resources with YMCAs in other parts of the globe and provide opportunity to support local community development work abroad. Our partnerships promote mutual growth and learning.

Get Involved

Each of us has the power to create change for a better tomorrow.


We have a variety of events throughout the year to raise awareness and learn from each other about social justice, environmental sustainability, and leadership issues affecting the world community. If you’d like to attend or volunteer, we’d love to have you.

YMCA Peace Week

YMCA Peace Week happens during the third week in November. Taking place in YMCAs across Canada, YMCA World Peace Week is an opportunity to join people of all ages in activities focused on exploring peace from a local and global perspective.

YMCA Peace Week


Global Initiatives Committee

The YMCA Global Initiatives Committee is a group of volunteers who are passionate about bringing an international perspective to the YMCA. This dynamic group works together to engage both YMCA members and the general public with issues of global social justice, environmental care, and peace-building. If you would like to join the committee, let us know.

Global Opportunities

Check here often if you would like to participate in an exchange with a YMCA in another country. We’ll post available opportunities as soon as we know of them.

Opportunities to Give

Through YMCA Calgary’s Strong Kids campaign, you can choose to support one of our Global Partners. You can also support our Emergency Response Fund which provides support for YMCAs who request emergency relief.

World Alliance of YMCAs

The World Alliance of YMCAs is a confederation of YMCAs from around the world. The World Alliance works to strengthen local movements, represents the YMCA at a global level, and advocates globally on issues affecting young people. Check out what the World Alliance is doing in 2014!

Find Out More

Contact the Community Outreach Director at 403-899-4047 or sgignac@calgary.ymca.ca for more details about YMCA Global Initiatives.



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