Why having a workout partner makes you more fit


Strong young man spotting another guy while he lifts a barbell at a gym


Did you know it’s proven that those who go to the gym with a friend are more motivated, drop out of the exercise routine less and work out harder. Check out these stats on the benefits of a workout partner: 

> Stanford university found that simply receiving check-in phone calls/texts from a partner increased the amount participants exercised by 78% (even after 18 months)

> Indiana University found that couples who worked out separately had a 43% dropout rate.  Those who went to the gym together had a 6.3 dropout rate.

> Another study found that those who worked out with someone more fit, increased motivation to work harder:  Groups who were told they had to hold a plank until their partner stopped, held the plank 160% longer. And 200% longer than with those doing the same exercise without a partner.

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