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Introducing Fuel, the YMCA Calgary Magazine!


Read the first issue here!


Fuel covers

The word “fuel” has a lot of meanings here in Calgary. It’s the stuff that helps to drive our economy, and it evokes that can-do spirit for which Calgarians are known. It’s symbolic of the energy you

feel when you get your heart rate up, challenging yourself through physical activity.

For us here at YMCA Calgary, fuel is also a word that brings to mind the passion of our staff, volunteers and members to take a 114-year-old organization boldly into the future. In these pages, you’ll learn more about the broad impact YMCA Calgary programs and services have in the Calgary community.

This is one of the most exciting times to be part of the YMCA. Through a true partnership with the City of Calgary, we will soon be operating three new Centres of Community, adding to the work we are already doing in our five established branches and in over 60 other sites across town.

This magazine is devoted to some of the stories of ways we are fulfilling our vision of communities that are vibrant and healthy because youth and adults belong, grow, thrive and lead. From our award-winning child care curriculum Playing to Learn, to our jewel in the Rockies, Camp Chief Hector YMCA, to South Health Campus YMCA, the only Y in a hospital facility in the country, we are embracing
a future where people of all ages move more, connect more and are energized by the people around them.

We’re YMCA Calgary, and this is our fuel.

Enjoy it.

-Helene Weir, YMCA Calgary president & CEO




Healthy Eating: Practical Tips, Tricks & Answers to Your Questions

On Wednesday, May 13 from 6-8pm Saddletowne YMCA will host a workshop called Fundamentals of Healthy Eating.

This workshop will offer very practical information with ideas, strategies and recipes that you can take home and put to use right away. Our presenter Cheryl Strachan, a registered dietitian, offers a very down to earth perspective that covers not only the ‘what & why’ but the ‘how’ of creating healthy eating habits with plenty of examples along the way and answers to all of the commonly asked questions & concerns.

Click this link to sneak-a-peak:


Register early by calling 403-237-2393 and quoting course# 102733.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015 | 6-8pm
Saddletowne YMCA, Studio A
Members/Staff/Volunteers: $10
NonMembers: $15
Course#: 102733


“May the Fourth” Be With You!


A long time ago, in a gym far, far away…



Episode I

It is a period of training on their own.
Many youth, trying hard
to gain sport skills, play in the gym
getting ready to do battle
against a worthy opponent.

During the battle, the opponents
have managed to outplay
the youth and seem to have
an ultimate weapon, STRUCTURED
TRAINING, a valuable
addition giving them the power
to defeat many foes.

Persuaded by the desire to
do their best, the youth
look to the Saddletowne
YMCA to better their skills,
within the sports of soccer
and basketball, and restore
balance in the gym….


We have an exciting new opportunity coming to the Saddletowne YMCA!

This summer at the YMCA we are offering Sport Development Camps in basketball and soccer for youth between the ages of 10-15 years!  Camps run Monday to Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm.

Get an introduction to disciplined training, by building, developing and refining sport-specific skills with the help of a coach.  This week-long sport development camp focusses on personal and group growth, and applies learning in a variety of fun and exciting environments.  Through fitness activities, skill development, cross-training and games, campers will build their expertise.  Fair play is important when developing a love of the game!

Read more information on our YMCA Sport Development Camps in the 2015 Spring/Summer Day Camp Guide.  Pick your week, and choose your sport.  We are offing both basketball and soccer options throughout the month of July.

The registration deadline is fast approaching.

Call 403-237-2393 or register online today!

Let us further develop a love of the game.

Quidditch and WandMaking!

Quidditch and Wandmaking!

Saturday May 2 from 1pm-3pm

Enter the world of wizardry and witchcraft at the Crowfoot YMCA to end our Youth Week with a bang! We will be learning the delicate art of wandmaking and then go outside to learn the fast-growing world sport of Muggle Quidditch!

Meet in Multi-Purpose Room 2

Dress for the weather and for running outside, Quidditch is a mix of rugby, dodgeball and flag football played on brooms. Be Ready!

This is a Free Youth Week event for members, Non-members need only pay the YMCA drop-in fee.

Please register online or at the desk with the Barcode #102718

Remember! All through Youth Week we are having a Photo Scavenger hunt! Post your selfies and team photos on Instagram with the hashtag #CFYYouthWeek to win prizes!

The Crux of Your Workout Routine

I am a rock climber.  I guess that kind of makes sense as I look after the Wall Climbing Programs at the Saddletowne YMCA.  But that is away from my point…

UntitledWhen rock climbing, there comes a point in the climb that is especially difficult.  This is either physically or mentally difficult, and takes the most amount of effort to overcome.  There are times when it feels impossible to make it beyond that point, but all that is usually needed is a step back and change of pace.  This difficult point in rock climbing is known as the “crux”.

Working out, staying fit and wellness routines have this crux in them as well.  It may be known by another name: the rut, the plateau, the stall, the trough…just to name a few.  There comes a time when a change is needed.  We challenge you to spring-clean your time here at the YMCA and try something new!

Throughout the month of May, pick up a passport from member services and do some travelling.  Explore everything that we have to offer and add some excitement.  Get a grip, get your feet off the ground, get your feet wet, get in the game, get your groove on…get over that crux!  Once you complete your passport, return it to member services for 2 guest passes and a ballot for a draw for a 1 month buddy pass.  The program board will be passport central, with information on all of our exciting changes of pace.

From someone who climbs, there are many ways to stay fit on the climbing wall, challenging both your body and your mind.  Be it climbing to the top, or just staying down nice and low, I always can get a workout in.  The best part is that it doesn’t feel like one, but the next day, I can feel it in my arms, legs and core muscles.  When I am stuck at a crux, I go for a climb and can then literally reach new heights!

The challenge is on, talk to member services and get started on overcoming your crux today!

Youth LipDub!

Youth LipDub!

Thursday April 30 from 6pm – 7:30

What is a LipDub? A Lip Dub is lip-synching, audio dubbing music video, often filmed in one take around a facility, with large groups dressed up with silly costumes and props.

Meet in the GYM!

We will be singing Taylor Swift’s “Shake it off” all over the Crowfoot YMCA to show off our wonderful youth and their programs. Bring your pom-poms, morph suit, bangles and wigs and we’ll “Shake it off” at the Y! This is a Free Youth Week event for members, Non-members need only pay the YMCA drop-in fee.

Please register online or at the desk with the Barcode #102716

Remember! All through Youth Week we are having a Photo Scavenger hunt! Post your selfies and team photos on Instagram with the hashtag #CFYYouthWeek to win prizes!

YMAP goes to Camp Chief Hector YMCA

Written by Jillian Harbour, YMAP Director, Community YMCA.

The YMCA Achievement Program (YMAP) had their annual trip to Camp Chief Hector YMCA. This year we traveled out to Kananaskis Country with an unprecedented 131 participants, 7 volunteers and 5 staff for a weekend filled with games, lots of laughs, new challenges and amazing people (and no snow!).

Between the always helpful Camp Chief Hector YMCA staff and the strong leadership Matt and Alisha provided the rest of the team, the weekend was a great success. My favourite moments of the weekend were the ever popular open mic night (I am always blown away by the amazing talents YMAP participants keep secret until camp!) and all the teamwork/encouragement I saw between the youth as they faced new and exciting challenges together.

This is often the first experience of its kind for the participants. These youth are new to Canada and seeing and experiencing the mountains and the Canadian outdoors for the first time.

YMAP CCH 2015 (2)

Getting Crafty!

Helping on the High Rope


Youth Open Mic Night!

Kicking off Youth Week with Youth Open Mic Night!

April 28 from 4:30pm – 6pm

Youth are encouraged to bring in their own instruments to perform in front of their peers and share their talent! A microphone and amp will be provided, you bring the rest! For those who don’t have something prepared or are just taking their first steps to stardom we will have Karaoke going and Just Dance on Wii, and popcorn!

Meet in Multi-Purpose Room 1

Come with your friends to sing, dance, eat popcorn and support these brave performers!

This is a Free Youth Week event for members. Non-members need only pay the YMCA drop-in fee.

Please register online or at the desk with the Barcode #102717

Remember! All through Youth Week we are having a Photo Scavenger hunt! Post your selfies and team photos on Instagram with the hashtag #CFYYouthWeek to win prizes!

YMCA Nepal Relief Donations

4-28-2015 2-39-28 PM

Our YMCA Calgary community is standing in support of those affected by the earthquake disaster in Nepal. We encourage you to consider making a donation to the relief efforts through YMCA Calgary.

Please visit the front desk of any branch to make your donation. Any donation over $20.00 will be eligible for a tax receipt.

Donations through this YMCA will be sent to an international relief effort for YMCA Nepal coordinated through the World Alliance of YMCAs.

You can also send country-wide aid electronically through the Canadian Red Cross at redcross.ca