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YMCA Child Development Centres in Quarry Park – Kindergarten Transportation

The Remington YMCA Child Development Centre opens July 1 and we anticipate that the Quarry Park Child Development Centre will open mid August 2016.

It has been great fun preparing the spaces to welcome children and we have greatly enjoyed getting to meet families during tours and orientation meetings.

We are excited to announce that bus transportation will be available to Douglasdale School for kindergarten-aged children attending both the Remington YMCA Child Development Centre and the Quarry Park Child Development Centre beginning Fall 2016.

Please contact us for more details:

Remington YMCA – Trisha Skinner, Childcare Director    T 403-351-8287

Quarry Park Child Development Centre – Trudy Halvorsen, Childcare Manager    T 403-351-6688

For more information about YMCA Calgary Child Development Centre please visit our website


YMCA Childcare in Quarry Park

Spring is just around the corner and our excitement for opening two new child development centres this summer is growing just as fast as the tulips sitting on my mother-in-laws windowsill!

During February and March we enjoyed meeting many new families as they participated in the three open houses we hosted at the Shawnessy YMCA Child Development Centre. It  was great fun to showcase our play-based learning curriculum as well as floor plans for the child development centres as well as the Remington YMCA also scheduled to open this summer.

We have certainly seen registration pick up these past few weeks and encourage families who have not yet contacted us to do so as soon as possible – we currently have a waiting list for infant spaces with toddler and preschool spaces not far behind. Some of this may be due to a new addition to the billboard signage located at the Quarry Park Child Development Centre location – check out the familiar burgundy circle with the Y logo!

Quarry Park Child Development Centre

As we get closer to opening we will be scheduling open houses at the new facilities as well as orientation nights for registered families.

To register for updates on what YMCA Calgary is up to in the Quarry Park Community click HERE

For more information or to register please contact – :

T 403-351-6689

E childcare@ymcacalgary.org


YMCA Childcare Open Houses

Are you interested in learning more about the new YMCA childcare centres scheduled to open in summer 2016?

Please join us at one of our scheduled open houses for families who have either already registered for one of the new centres or who are wanting more information about YMCA childcare programs. All open houses will be held at the Shawnessy YMCA Child Development Centre (333 Shawville Boulevard SE).

New Centres – both centres are located in the Quarry Park Community (SE Calgary)

Remington YMCA Child Development Centre – located in the Remington YMCA

Quarry Park Child Development Centre – stand alone centre

A casual event, the open house will provide families with the opportunity to tour a YMCA Child Development Centre, meet staff and learn more about the new centres. It will also showcase our play-based curriculum which supports all children to learn and develop.

Children are welcome to attend although activities for children younger than 19 months will be limited due to the nature of the Shawnessy YMCA Child Development Centre.

Register soon as space is limited. Contact Shannon Boisvert, Administrator, to register

T 403-531-1662    E sboisver@calgary.ymca.ca

Location:  Shawnessy YMCA Child Development Centre, 333 Shawville Boulevard SE


Thursday, February 25        6:30 – 8:00pm

Wednesday, March 2          6:30 – 8:00pm

Saturday, March 12             9:30 – 11:00am

All open houses will be held at the:

Shawnessy YMCA Child Development Centre

333 Shawville Boulevard SE

For more information visit our website or call us at 403-351-6689

Registration is Brisk for New YMCA Childcare Centres

Public registration for YMCA Calgary’s two new childcare centres began on October 19, 2015. To date we have successfully registered over 165 children for the new centres which are both currently being built in the community of Quarry Park. Spaces for children aged 12  – 18 months are currently full with waitlists started. Space remains available for all other preschool ages.

With the new  centres scheduled to open summer 2015 we expect to connect with many more families so they can learn about what YMCA Calgary can offer their child.

Our registration team has spoken to many families about what they can expect from YMCA Calgary when it comes to their child’ experience within one of our licensed Child Development Centres. Our response includes an overview of the benefits we provide for our young participants.


Positive, caring relationships form the foundation for all that occurs within the childcare setting. Children learn about YMCA Calgary’s four core values of honesty, caring, respect and responsibility. They practice behaviours which support social skill development, emotional competence and community engagement.

What does this look like?

– a game being played will support children to learn about taking direction, taking turns and the enjoyment of doing a favourite activity with a friend

– a child talking about how they feel and a caregiver helping them to identify and use appropriate language and actions as they practice self expression and self regulation


Each YMCA Child Development Centre provides lots of opportunities for children to run, jump and be active. They do this using the centre’s dedicated outdoor play area or our indoor gyms and multi-purpose spaces. Recreation time in YMCA pools is also provided. All children are provided with a nutritious morning and afternoon snack that helps to fuels them for everything their day hold.

All children registered in YMCA Child Development Centres also receive a complimentary YMCA Child membership – this provides their family with discounts for registered programs including aquatics in any of our YMCA branches.

What does this look like?

 SHY- Bubbles  ECY -Jana playing with the children in the gym  SHY- Bike Race with Gemma


Utilizing the national YMCA Playing to Learn Curriculum, children are encouraged to explore what interests them. This play-based curriculum is designed to maximize children’s learning through actively engaging children throughout the day in developmentally appropriate small group activities. Activities encompass all developmental areas and support children with school readiness and to become a life-long learner.

What does this look like?

An interest in planes leads to a rich learning environment – imaginative play, language development, travel requirements (Visas, airport check in procedures), writing a list of what to take, exploring maps etc.

 Ghana  new pics 1009  new pics 999

YMCA Childcare wants every child’s day to be filled with fun and learning. With caregivers who act as play partners, every day brings something new to explore and opportunities for wonderful experiences to be had.

Want more information?

YMCA Childcare – general information including locations, fees, information hand book

New childcare centres – information and registration details

Click here to register to receive our monthly childcare newsletter

OR Call us at 403-351-6689 to register for one of the new YMCA Childcare centres scheduled to open summer 2016 in the Quarry Park community




Registration for new YMCA Childcare Centres Begins October 19, 2015


Remington YMCA


Quarry Park Child Development Centre

YMCA Calgary is excited to be planning for the opening of two new licensed childcare centres in the SE community of Quarry Park. The anticipated opening date for both the Remington YMCA Child Development Centre and the Quarry Park Child Development Centre is summer 2016 with more details to follow as building construction continues.

Registration Begins Monday, October 29th. Click here for details

Each of the two centres will feature the national YMCA Playing to Learn curriculum and offer children the opportunity to gain health, social and learning benefits in a play-based learning environment.

To learn more about the new centres visit our website as follows:

Features of Each Centre


Summer Spaces in YMCA Childcare and Child Minding

finger paint_98948276

Summer sees a change to operations within YMCA Calgary Childcare Centres and Child Minding Areas. And, this change might be just what you are looking for to enhance your child’s summer experience.

Childcare and Child Minding each offer unique experiences – read on to learn more and to see if you would like to explore available options further.

YMCA Childcare and Child Minding – where kids play and learn!

Childcare: Licensed childcare for children aged 19 months – 6 years

Temporary openings are available for 1/2 or full days over the summer months. This option is available due to turnover within the centre as older children leave in preparation for kindergarten and new children have not yet started. All days may not have availability.

This may be an option for families who need a few days or a week of care for their child over the summer. It may also be a fit for a child attending a 1/2 day of camp and then requiring childcare for the balance of the day.

As always, full-time permanent spaces in our centres will be filled from our existing waitlists.

Availability is limited and inquiries should be directed to each centre’s Childcare Director:

Eau Claire – Margaret Ferriss    T 403-781-1666

Saddletowne- Merle Clarke       T 403-537-2722

Shawnessy – Trudy Halvorsen    T 403-254-3211

Child Minding: Short term care for your child aged 6 weeks – 10 years

This is the place for kids to be while their parent/guardian is using the facility. Equipped with toys, games and caring adults who love to spend time talking and playing with children you can feel confident that your child is well cared for while you are furthering your own health and wellness goals.

During the summer all of our areas see a decrease in usage which can open up opportunities for casual bookings. Member children 6 weeks – 35 months are FREE while a minimal charge applies to both older member children and non-members.

Visit or contact the Child Minding Area at your branch today:

Crowfoot YMCA        T 403-241-4618

Eau Claire YMCA      T 403-781-1669

Saddletowne YMCA   T 403-537-2724

Shawnessy YMCA      T 403-254-3217

Staying cool in the pool

Swimming has always been one of my favourite things to do during the summer months and it isn’t often I have the opportunity to go swimming during the winter. Recently, however, I had the opportunity to expand upon my role as the YMCA Childcare Administrator by participating in recreational swim time with the adventurous children of the Saddletowne Child Development Centre. I had such a great time experiencing how the children and staff interacted with one another in the playful and exciting pool environment.

When people imagine young children in the pool they can easily envision a formal lesson or playful splashing fun. What I saw was a wonderful combination of children having fun while also having an educational experience. Children encouraged each other to try new things such as jumping off the ledge into the water or using the slide to enter the pool. Some children were a bit timid but, with encouragement and support from their teachers and friends, everyone either took the leap or slide. And, most importantly, everyone had a great time and experienced a true sense of accomplishment.

What I found most interesting during my time in the pool was how the caregivers blended play with the teaching of water safety habits – walk on the pool deck to avoid injury, jump into the pool feet first, sit on your bottom to use the slide and tips for floating while wearing a life jacket. All of this was accomplished with gentle reminders inserted at just the right moment during activity time.

I really enjoyed making some new friends and look forward to the next time an opportunity presents itself for me to join one of our childcare groups on a play-filled adventure.

YMCA Calgary currently operates three licensed childcare centres. Days are filled with intentional play-based activities that provide for developmentally appropriate learning opportunities. Recreational swim time is one way we support young children to lead a healthy, active lifestyle.


YMCA Child Minding

YMCA Calgary’s Child Minding is available to members and non-members who require short term care for their children while they are in the facility pursuing their health and fitness goals. Children, aged six-weeks to 10 years, may be booked in for a maximum of 2 hours per day.

The Child Minding environment is often a young child’s first introduction to the YMCA. Caregivers take the well-being and safety of the children very seriously, aiming to ensure that their experience is a positive one. Through providing a warm welcome, ensuring an effective check-in and helping to ensure children settle comfortably into the area, caregivers set the tone for each child to have a positive and engaging time.


Recognizing that Child Minding can be a busy place, our caregivers want to maintain a calm, welcoming and supportive environment. They do this through:

– careful management of our booking system to maintain staff:child ratios that meet children’s developmental, health and safety needs

– utilizing wonderful volunteers within the area who are available to provide extra cuddles and attention to our young charges

– providing age-appropriate toys and equipment for children of all ages

– utilizing additional space, where available, during busy periods so that smaller group sizes can be maintained

For more information about our Child Minding service please visit our website or contact us at one of our participating branches – Crowfoot YMCA, Eau Claire YMCA, Saddletowne YMCA, Shawnessy YMCA

Caring and Respect Shine Within YMCA Child Development Centres

Young children are naturals when it comes to giving hugs and expressing their fondness for the special people in their lives. They are also very willing, and able, to contribute to the happiness and well-being of others through their kind actions.

Children aged 19 months – 6 years attending licensed YMCA Child Development Centres learn about and practice our four core values – respect, caring, honesty and responsibility. Caregivers provide opportunities for children to practice demonstrating these qualities as well as identify and celebrate situations in which children have done so.

The holiday season easily lends itself to providing ways for all of us to demonstrate the core values of respect and caring. Our childcare centre staff, volunteers and children support this by –

  • hosting family events so families can connect with one another
  • having children and caregivers work together to create seasonal room and centre decorations
  • having children prepare thoughtful cards and gifts for others
  • supporting families in need through branch and centre initiatives such as Adopt-a-Family
  • honouring cultural differences within program activities
  • recognizing the many ways that people celebrate the season

For ideas on how to further develop core values within your child here are some examples of how children in our centres demonstrate respect, caring, honesty and responsibility.


  • Taking turns
  • Listening when someone else is talking
  • Using words to solve a problem rather than physical actions


  • Inviting another child to play
  • Comforting a friend who is upset
  • Helping another child to accomplish a task they are struggling with


  • Telling the truth even when it is hard
  • Letting a caregiver know if a toy has been broken or a piece lost
  • Learning to differentiate between their imagination and reality


  • Cleaning up toys and equipment when they are done playing
  • Storing personal items in their locker
  • Following the safety guidelines that are in place

Wishing you and your family warmth and joy this holiday season.



A Parent’s Perspective of the Eau Claire Child Development Centre

Contributed by Michelle Whitney

Emilia with her Mom, Michelle, in front of her new school

Emilia with her Mom, Michelle, in front of her new school

My daughter, Emilia, started kindergarten this September. It was a bitter sweet moment. She has been a cherished part of the Eau Claire daycare and we both miss the daycare that was her second home. Both of us started our day warmly greeted by staff and made to feel like we were welcomed and belonged.

Various stations would greet the children; some days it was a dress up, circus, restaurant or a veterinary clinic. Other days the children would get their bathing suits on for swimming lessons and pool play time. Children participate in outdoor activities either on a field trip or on the outdoor play structure. My daughter loved field trip days – she travelled to the zoo, Home Depot, pet stores, the library and even a farm! Tanya, her teacher, loves the park and Emilia would regale me with the great adventures they had.

Below freezing days would see the children upstairs in the YMCA gym participating in games and performing tumbling activities. Plus 15 adventures ensured everyone stayed warm but had the opportunity to get moving.

I loved the open door policy – I would travel upstairs and have lunch with my daughter and her friends and teachers. Communal meals and snacks were such an important part of socializing.

The daycare follows the YMCA Playing to Learn philosophy which, as an educator, I find to be an effective way to engage and educate children. Children would express an interest in an activity and the rest of the week would be centred on that activity. For example, the children were interested in babies. Tanya brought in baby food for the children to taste test, which proved to be quite funny. The children studied a baby’s actions to determine it’s needs, learned about human development and about safety. This activity also taught the children about empathy.

My daughter was very well prepared for kindergarten. Children thrive on structure and stable environments. She takes pride in knowing that it is appropriate to put your hand up if you would like a turn speaking in a group. She understands the importance of ‘indoor’ and ‘outdoor’ voices. She can write her name, knows her alphabet and can count to twenty. Fine and gross motor skills were practiced at the YMCA through a range of play-based activities. She was allowed to freely express her imagination and felt safe in taking risks. Through physical activity she has become agile and confident.

I would highly recommend the Eau Claire YMCA centre to any parent. In fact, I was responsible for referring a parent whose child starts next month. The staff are well trained and professional but are also warm and empathetic. They do not hesitate to smother my daughter with hugs when they see her come back for a visit. I was confident that if she scraped her knee she would be gently snuggled and her hair stroked until she felt better. After all, as a parent this is all we want for our child – to know that they are loved.

YMCA Calgary operates licensed Child Development Centres in our Eau Claire, Saddletowne and Shawnessy locations. We are preparing to expand our impact with new centres in YMCA facilities in Quarry Park, Rocky Ridge, and Seton. These amazing new spaces will help us support young children to belong, grow and thrive!