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New Fitness Space at Eau Claire YMCA

Eau Claire YMCA has a new versatile yoga studio!

Beautifully tailored décor and manually adjustable dimmer lights lend the perfect ambience for mind/body programs.

photo 2

And there’s more excitement! The area offers Fitness on Request. This virtual group fitness platform system is available FREE to members during non-program times to try a variety of fitness and wellness videos led by top qualified instructors from WELLBEATS. With the flip of a switch members can choose from a selection of Mind/Body, X-training, cycle step and more!

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Crunched for time? Can’t make one of our regularly scheduled classes? All the more reason to try Fitness on Request. We’ll set it up every day from 2pm-3pm. Then you decide which program you want to do.

Great variety and flexibility for everyone! See Eau Claire Member Services for more details.

– Namaste!



Bridal Bootcamp for Couples

Do you know anyone getting married in the summer that would like that extra push?

Eau Claire YMCA Fitness Director Cathi Molson is starting a Bridal Bootcamp for 10 couples staring Monday, May 19 at 5:30pm.

Monday nights 5:30-6:30pm

May 19-June 23  (6 weeks)
Register with course code 93269

June 30-Aug 4 (6 weeks)
Register with course code 93270

Get Fit Together! Perfect for couples who are planning to get married and want to begin the path to a healthy lifestyle.

Cost (per person): YMCA Members $60.00 | Non-members $72.00

couples exercising together

FREE Community Wellness Day at Saddletowne YMCA

Community Wellness Day Invite

Saddletowne YMCA and the Genesis Centre of Community Wellness will host a Community Wellness Day on Saturday, March 29, 2014. This event is made possible by support from the Norlien Foundation’s Alberta Family Wellness Initiative.

It’s an opportunity for community members to gather and enjoy a day of fun activities and learn about healthy child development and life-long health and wellbeing. The Community Wellness Day will connect participants to relevant community services and provide an opportunity to learn from experts in health and wellness.

What: Free activities and workshops for families

When: Saturday, March 29, 2014 | 12pm-6pm

Where: Saddletowne YMCA in the Genesis Centre of Community Wellness, 7556 Falconridge Blvd NE

Who: Families – adults, youth, kids. Anyone can come!

Activities and services will include:

  • Fun programs for children, youth and adults like preschool open gym, martial arts demonstrations, pre and post natal fitness classes, open family swimming, floorball and open climbing
  • Workshops and presentations from experts in health and wellness  focused on healthy child development, brain development, mental health, heart health and more
  • Representatives from Mount Royal University, University of Calgary Faculty of Nursing and Faculty of Medicine, Norlien Foundation, Alberta Health Services, Man Van (free Prostate Cancer Screening), Mosaic Primary Care Network, and Calgary Public Library
  • Information takeaways from various service providers in the community

Mark your calendar today to bring your family to learn about health and wellness through fun, free activities!


My Y Story

Everyone who has been to the YMCA has a Y Story.

Staff, volunteer, member, drop-in guest, program participant, day camp attendee – we all have a Y Story about how we ended up here and how it has impacted us.

I came to YMCA Calgary because I was looking for a job. But not just any job. I wanted a job that would use and develop my communication skills. I wanted a job that I would enjoy, a job that I could care about. A job where what I did each day wasn’t about making someone money but was about helping people. These requirements narrowed my search.

I also wanted to be able to walk to work. This narrowed my search even more.

I wanted a job where the people would be fun and pleasant to work with. As I interviewed for positions elsewhere, this requirement narrowed my search again.

As I did more research on the YMCA (there wasn’t one in the city I grew up in), I came to realize that it is so much more than a gym and fitness organization. The YMCA does so much community work, childcare and youth development and leadership work. The YMCA wants every person to have a community where they feel like they belong – and strives to be that community for every person who walks through the door.

When I interviewed for my position I was amazed at how excited everyone was about the work they were doing and how they wanted to get to know me and not just my skills.

When I was offered a position, I was so excited to be somewhere that checked off so many of the boxes I had put on my wish list back when I was in college and imagining my dream job.

I’ve been a part of the YMCA for three months now. It’s been three months of great work, exciting things, incredibly friendly and welcoming people. It’s been three months of learning, of to-do lists, of events and meeting people and trying to remember their names.

Being a part of the YMCA has lifted my spirits and reminded me that dream jobs are real and that I am capable of far more than I imagine.

My Y Story is one that shows waiting for that right job or that right opportunity is worth it.

What’s your Y Story?


Exercise Class Try Outs #2: The Worx

I’ve decided to do something a little bit out of my comfort zone – Try out different fitness classes offered at YMCA Calgary locations.

I will document my experience in each new class here on the YMCA Calgary blog.

The Worx

I decided to try this group fitness class simply because I walked past it one day and it looked like fun. The class is described as:

Total body conditioning class combining circuit training, cardio & strength intervals, and agility drills; this class also focuses on core stabilization and balance.

It was fun! I’m sure I’ll be sore tomorrow, but a good sore I assure you.

The Worx is a large group fitness class where you simply follow what the instructor does. Cathi at Eau Claire called out instructions and encouragement as we did some cardio and free weights.

We had music going as we stepped and squatted at our steppers, and did bicep curls, punches, shoulder presses, and tricep dips with free weights.

It was energetic and tiring. Lots of reps and constant movement make for an all-around whole body workout.

As a first-timer I was a little scared, but it was easy to follow along and Cathi gave us lots of little breaks to rest our muscles and get a sip of water. She also demonstrated variations of the movements for those wanting the easier version or the tougher one.

The Worx was definitely a little bit of everything. I’m glad I went…we’ll see how glad my muscles are tomorrow.

Fitness class

5 Activities You Didn’t Know You Could Do at the YMCA


The Eau Claire YMCA has 2 squash/racquetball courts. You can book online or by talking to member services. There are even racquets you can use.

Tai Chi

There are multiple Tai Chi classes offered throughout the week at a number of YMCA Calgary locations. This ancient martial art is about centering your focus and improving your mental and physical stamina. Other martial arts offered include Hap Ki Do, Capoeira, Karate


Parkour is a whole body sport aimed at getting around the urban landscape in the quickest, most efficient way possible – using only your body and your surroundings.

It uses movements like rolls, jumps and climbing in combination with free running; freestyle gymnastics. Youth can learn moves to scale walls, jump gaps, balance on rails, and climb poles. There are classes offered to youth at a number of YMCA Calgary locations.

Belly dancing and Social Dance

Move your hips and learn to coordinate dancing with a veil in belly dancing classes with other women. Or, as a couple, you can learn the basic steps for classic dances like the Fox Trot, Rhumba, Waltz, Jive and Two Step.

There’s even a children’s cooking class for 3-5 year olds!

The South Health Campus YMCA is part of the South Health Campus Wellness Centre which includes a Wellness Kitchen. The Cookie Monster’s class gives kids the opportunity to learn about nutrition and food preparation by making some simple and easy recipes. And they get to eat what they make!
Check out our program guides to learn more about the classes and programs available to you and your family!!

Registration (members) for Spring and Summer sessions opens February 24.

Saddletowne Program Guide Cover




Exercise Class Try Outs #1: Yoga

I’ve decided to do something a little bit out of my comfort zone – Try out different fitness classes offered at YMCA Calgary locations.

I will document my experience in each new class here on the YMCA Calgary blog.

Group yoga class

Yoga – Passive

I was invited to participate in a lunchtime yoga class. The program guide describes it as:

Tune in to your true self and find peace and belonging within. This yoga class will guide you through slow poses, breath work and meditation in a serene atmosphere intended to create calm, restore energy and promote healing in mind, body and spirit.

I was a little hesitant. I’ve never taken a real yoga class before. I’ve done yoga at home with friends following a video, I’ve done yoga-like classes at the dance studio I danced at when I was younger, but never a real yoga class.

Thankfully, my coworkers who invited me to come along were very welcoming and even set out a mat for me while I changed.

The instructor was very welcoming, came over and introduced herself. The other participants in the class smiled or said hello, or just focused on their breathing and relaxation while lying on their mats waiting for the class to start.

Yoga-passive is a slow moving class focused on breathing. I found it easy to follow along. The instructor demonstrated each pose or movement while describing it in a soft voice. I felt both relaxed and invigorated during this class. I felt like I got a workout but didn’t feel tired like I had just gone running or weightlifting.

Some of the poses were easy for me. Others were more difficult. But looking around the room I did not feel out of place – everyone else was good at some poses and not so good at others.

I’ll be honest though – yoga, even passive yoga – is still a workout.

I was sore for a couple of days after this class. The workout comes from moving and lifting your bodyweight in poses like downward dog.

I think I’ll continue with yoga – I like that it is a stress-reliever, a relaxation, and a workout all at the same time.

Check out this infographic to find out more about the benefits of yoga.

YMCA Spring Summer Program Registration

Spring/Summer Program Registration is open

Spring Programs start April 1st – it’s not too late to register!

Members – February 25th 5:30am.

Non Members – Spring March 5th 5:30am

Non Members – Summer June 3rd 5:30am

Don’t miss your chance to register for your favorite programs.

Choose from:

Preschool – Swim Lessons, Variety, Sports, Tumble Time, Kangaroos and Climbers, Gym and Swim and much more.

Youth – Swim Lessons, Junior Lifeguard Club, H20 Extreme, Steve Nash Basketball, Parkour, Court Sports, Floor Hockey, Badminton, Handball, Indoor Soccer and more!

Adult – Yoga, Pilates, Fusion, Resistance Training for Triathlon, Kettlebell Bootcamp, Yoga for Runners, Tai Chi, Zumba, Xfit, Outdoor Bootcamps, TRX, Running programs, Boxer’s workout, Metabolic Conditioining, Triathlon Swim, Masters Swim, Learn to Swim, Stroke Improvement, Swim Fit and Aqua Boot Camp!

Wednesday Brings You Good Karma

Beginning on Wednesday, May 23rd, Shawnessy YMCA is adding another fantastic drop-in class option for you.
Mid-morning is the busiest time in the branch, and we are now able to offer an alternative to the oh-so-popular Cross-Training class in the studio.

Karma is a gentle yoga/fusion-based stretch class taught by certified instructors.

The practice of Karma Mind/Body classes are designed to increase your flexibility and focus.
Karma will help to revitalize your body and spirit, incorporating the disciplines of proper breathing techniques, stress reduction, and muscular strength.

Karma will be offered 9:15-10:15am in MP2, right across from the library. 
This class is scheduled to run beginning May 23rd until the end of the Spring Session. 
Drop-In class tags are required, and available at member Services upon check-in.

From Calgary to Columbia…

From Calgary to Columbia…. Vice President for Children and Youth Tanis Cochrane has been sharing and learning within the global YMCA family.

Tanis embarked on a week-long exchange trip to Bogota with President and CEO Helene Weir and Janet Wiles, from Edmonton YMCA. The trio were visiting as part of a partnership between the Y here in Alberta and in Bogota with the objective to learn and share about philanthropy and the programs which are run in Columbia.

Tanis singled out some specific learning points, including the outreach programmes which the Y has developed which are much more prescriptive than in Calgary.  The programs, which are free for children and youths aged seven to 17, help those taking part to grow into more independent young adults, committed to their education with the knowledge of how to use their personal strengths for a successful future.

She added: “They have a much stronger family involvement model than we do, in both a strategic and prescriptive way.”

Now the experiences of YMCA staff have been shared the hard work begins! Tanis explained the next step was to explore how to use the knowledge they now had to put into practice what they had learned. It is hoped more staff will be able to participate in the exchange in the future to help broaden their horizons and ultimately continue to improve what the YMCA does in both Canada and Columbia.

On a personal level the visit was a first for Tanis. She said: “It is a country of extremes. There is everything from extreme wealth to extreme poverty. And with a population of around nine million, the differences between Bogota and Calgary are clear.”