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Youth Week at the Crowfoot YMCA!

April 26th – May 3rd is Youth Week in Calgary!

All around the city Calgary will be celebrating youth with games, discounts, special events, and teen spaces. Here at the YMCA we want to celebrate our youth and the programs they attend here.

This Youth Week we will be having a Photo Scavenger Hunt through Instagram. Come to the Crowfoot YMCA during Youth Week and attend our youth programs – soccer, basketball, breakdance, Youth Fun Zone, badminton, there’s lots to do and we have some very special events for youth to attend.

How do I compete?

Find a team with at least 1 Instagram user and think of a team name! Tag a photo of your team to @ymcacalgary with the hashtag #CFYyouthweek to sign up. Then, come to our youth events, you get points for selfies, team photos, and YMCA photos. Just remember there is NO photos in the lockers, pool area, or weight room.

Here are some ideas:

  • Your team at the YMCA
  • Team singing at the Open Mic Night
  • Team dressed up at the Youth LipDub
  • Team with wands made at Wandmaking
  • Team playing Quidditch
  • Team Breakdancing
  • Team playing basketball
  • Team running on the track
  • Team playing Soccer
  • Team in the Chill Zone

Submit your photos with the hashtag #CFYyouthweek and @ymcacalgary  We’ll be giving out prizes for getting the MOST pictures and for the BEST Youth Week photos!