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One Step at a Time

Part Two – Putting One Foot in Front of the Other; the Beginning of Cardiovascular Wellness.

Getting yourself moving sounds like an easy step, but for someone who is beginning their wellness journey for the first time, or someone who is starting to work out again after some time off, it can be really daunting.

Try Different Things The first place a beginner heads to when they walk in the door is the treadmill. Keep in mind that there are a lot of different things you can try when getting started, but overall the best place for anyone new to the gym is the place that makes you feel comfortable, safe, and secure.  I’m a fitness professional, and the idea of hanging out on a treadmill for an hour sounds absolutely dreadful to me.  The key to finding a successful cardiovascular program is to change it up and find something that you like to do.  The treadmill might be your favorite place in the gym, others will find the elliptical, track, or bike your happy place.  If you want to try something and don’t know how or are intimidated by it, please ask us!  There are staff working in the weight room at all of our facilities and as active people, we would much rather talk to and help our members than sit at a desk!

Not Everyone is Built to Run Every single one of us is different. Our body’s physiology and genetic code plays a great deal into what our optimal style of workout is.  There are different muscle fibres in each of us that will make certain styles of physical activity easier than others.  If you absolutely dread long distances, try inserting some higher intensity intervals into your workout.  An example of this is to run a lap, do a set of jumping jacks, running stairs, or jump rope etc… in-between resistance training (weight lifting) sets.  So of you don’t like to run, don’t stress! There’s always something else to try!

Find Your Target Heart Rate Zone, and Stay Within It! An individual’s target heart rate zone (THRZ) is based on age.  The easiest way to figure out your THRZ is with this basic equation: 220-(age)= Heart Rate Max (HRM)  This is a number that we should aim to never surpass when doing cardiovascular activity.  Multiply that number by .6 and you will get 60% of your HRM.  Multiply that first number again by .8 to find 80% HRM.  During your cardiovascular workout, you would want to monitor your heart rate and keep it between 60% and 80% of your HRM For example, if you were 25 years old, your math would look like this:

  • 220 – 25 = 195 beats per minute (BPM) as your Heart Rate Max
  • 195 x .6 = 117 BPM
  • 195 x .8 = 156 BPM

This would mean that you want your heart rate somewhere in between 117 and 156 BPM during your cardiovascular workout.

Other Options Hiking groups, team sports or group fitness classes are an amazing way to sneak in a little cardio without even noticing it! It’s fun, it’s interactive, and you can meet new people who are living a healthy balanced life to help keep you on track. Here at the YMCA there are numerous different options to get involved in both aspects.  There are registered and drop-in group fitness classes offered at every branch in the city. We also offer climbing wall classes, swim and aquatic fitness classes, as well as some sport options.  These can differ from branch to branch, so check what is offered at your home branch. A lot of towns and cities have different recreational organizations to help people get involved with team sports as well. In Calgary, a great resource to check out the Calgary Sport and Social Club.  You can join a sport by registering a full team, partial team, or an as individual to make up a full team.

Build the Habit If you miss a day, don’t get discouraged! It’s all about putting one foot in front of the other, and sometimes a stumble will happen.  This is where you need to pick yourself up, dust off those hands and take another step.  Think to yourself the number twenty one. 21. XXI.  It takes twenty one days to build a habit.  Twenty one days to notice a real difference in your physiology. Twenty one days.  Keep putting one foot in front of the other and you’ll hit your stride.  You’ve got this.

Happy Trails!

Private Squash Lessons

Explore the fast-paced game of Squash and develop skills that will make you a better player. Our Nationally Certified instructors have extensive experience playing and coaching squash. No matter your level, private lessons are customized to develop participant’s enjoyment of the game by improving racket skill, court movement, game strategy and overall fitness.

Sign up today to meet your coach!

Wednesdays           6:00 – 9:00pm

Starts October 21st, 2015

M $35            NM $45 (Per 45 minute lesson)

Sign up at Member Services Today!

Private Squash Lessons

Grade 6 Event! Olympics!

Grade 6 Olympics!


Saturday, February 28, 2015 from 3:00 pm – 4:45 pm


At Crowfoot YMCA! Meet us in the Gym. Pick up will be at 4:45 pm in Multipurpose Room #3!


An Olympics-themed event for Grade 6 members. We will have opening ceremonies, fun Olympic games, closing ceremonies, and an after-party!


Register for FREE at the Front Desk! Bar code #102426

Meet the Saddletowne YMCA’s Youth and Day Camps Director!

Adam Luciuk aka Splinter

Youth, Climbing and Day Camp Director


With so many Summer Day Camps offered throughout the city, why should families choose YMCA Saddletowne Day Camps?

We offer fun, adventurous and safe summer experiences for children of all ages in our vibrant community. They can explore swimming, climbing, off-site day trips, gym activities, arts and crafts, the great outdoors and much more. Very few other camps offer as many different activities within their regular day camps as we do. Let your children discover a new passion with us!

What are you most excited about this summer?

I am very excited about our NEW Sport Development Camps. Our skilled sports coach will help young athletes of any ability to achieve their potential this summer. Whether your child is passionate about soccer or basketball, or wants to try something new and excited this summer, this camp is for them.


When you’re not leading our Day Camps this summer, what will you be doing?

When I’m not at work, I’ll be spending time in the great outdoors, camping and exploring new places. When I’m not spending time in the outdoors, I’ll be working on a project: planning what experience I will embark on next or looking for a creative way to share my knowledge with others.

Thinking back to last summer, what did our Day Campers teach you the most?

That life should be fun!

Kids Succeed at the Saddletowne YMCA!

After School Drop-in Program

Looking for a safe, fun place for your child or preteen to play with friends after school?  Between 3:30 and 5:30 PM, students between the ages of 8 – 13 are invited to attend our after school activities.  These special activities are free for members; non-members can pay a daily drop-in fee to take part.

Equipment will be set up in the facility from Monday to Friday as we encourage students to participate in drop-in sports with peers of their own age.   Children can also visit our climbing wall on Mondays for our after-school open climb!  All activities are monitored by a program coordinator who will provide support to the younger members using the facility at that time.  Students will also have access to the youth room where they can play foosball, air hockey and more.  Don’t forget to pack a bathing suit for open-swim in the pool!

Youth Sports Clubs

In January 2014 the YMCA Saddletowne will be offering new Basketball and Floor Ball sports clubs for children aged 6-13.  Each club will include a weekly class focusing on skill development, and a weekly game featuring exciting play where youth can show off their skills to their families while learning about teamwork and fair play with friends.

What is Floor ball?  Floor ball is a fast-paced, exciting and low- cost type of indoor hockey.  At first glance, it resembles ball hockey but is played with specialized sticks and rules that promote safety and skill development.

Our classes cater to children of all athletic levels and experiences.  Bring your child to a place where they can make new friends, be active and succeed; bring your child to the Saddletowne YMCA!

Register today online, over the phone or in person at the YMCA Saddletowne.

YMCA Spring Summer Program Registration

Spring/Summer Program Registration is open

Spring Programs start April 1st – it’s not too late to register!

Members – February 25th 5:30am.

Non Members – Spring March 5th 5:30am

Non Members – Summer June 3rd 5:30am

Don’t miss your chance to register for your favorite programs.

Choose from:

Preschool – Swim Lessons, Variety, Sports, Tumble Time, Kangaroos and Climbers, Gym and Swim and much more.

Youth – Swim Lessons, Junior Lifeguard Club, H20 Extreme, Steve Nash Basketball, Parkour, Court Sports, Floor Hockey, Badminton, Handball, Indoor Soccer and more!

Adult – Yoga, Pilates, Fusion, Resistance Training for Triathlon, Kettlebell Bootcamp, Yoga for Runners, Tai Chi, Zumba, Xfit, Outdoor Bootcamps, TRX, Running programs, Boxer’s workout, Metabolic Conditioining, Triathlon Swim, Masters Swim, Learn to Swim, Stroke Improvement, Swim Fit and Aqua Boot Camp!

Soccer at the YMCA!

Did you know that soccer is played by 250 million people in over 200 countries? This makes it the most popular sport in the world!


On Saturday March 23, 2013 YMCA Calgary is hosting Play It Forward, our first ever soccer marathon!

This on-going 4-hour soccer game is a great event for the whole family.  Sign up for a one hour shift to kick a ball around, get a decent workout, and raise funds for a great cause.  Pledges raised can support our Strong Kids Campaign or go towards our wonderful partnerships in Bogota, Colombia, or Ukraine.

Registration is $30 for adults or $15 for youth 18 and under.  This fee will be reimbursed on event day to participants who raise a minimum of $100 in pledges. All pledges must be submitted on event day.

Challenge friends or co-workers, or even come with the whole family!

Register at any branch or over the phone. For more information or to download the pledge package (after registration) see below:

Play it Forward Pledge Package

Call to register – SPOTS ARE LIMITED!

Crowfoot: 403-547-6576

Eau Claire: 403-269-6701

Saddletowne: 403-237-2393

Shawnessy: 403-256-5533

South Health Campus YMCA: 403-956-3900

Pumped about YMCA Soccer Tourney!

Soccer, a game played by 250 million people in over 200 countries, making it the most popular sport in the world.

On Saturday March 23, 2013 YMCA Calgary’s International committee is hosting Play it Forward, our first ever soccer marathon for YMCA Strong Kids. This ongoing 4-hour soccer game is a great event for the whole family. Sign-up for a one hour shift to kick a ball around, get a workout and raise funds for a great cause.

Pledges raised can stay local or go to our wonderful YMCA partnerships in Colombia or Ukraine.

Register at any branch or over the phone. For more information or to download
the pledge package (after registration) see below:

Call to register – SPOTS ARE LIMITED!

Crowfoot: 403-547-6576

Eau Claire: 403-269-6701

Saddletowne: 403-237-2393

Shawnessy: 403-256-5533

South Health Campus YMCA: 403-956-3900

Donwload the Play it Forward InfoPackage

Event Details:

  • Play it Forward: Soccer Marathon
  • March 23, 2013
  • 10am-2pm
  • Genesis Centre of Community Wellness (7556 Falconridge Blvd NE)

YMCA Saddletowne Preschool- Spring Term Registration

The Winter term is hopping along and it’s just about time to register for Spring classes!  Registration begins Monday, February 25th for YMCA members; there are many convenient ways to register including in person, by phone or online.

Check out our Spring program guide!  Whether your child is excited about sports, art, gymnastics or meeting new friends, you are sure to find an exciting class for them at the YMCA Saddletowne Preschool.