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The Four Core Values in Fitness

Weight-Room etiquette is basically the same at every gym or club.  At the YMCA we like to base our etiquette on four core values displayed prominently in every location across Calgary and Canada alike.  Following the basic idea of these core values both personally and within the facility allows all members to show one another the kindness of these core values in our workout areas.

Honesty – Personal – Listen to your body and acknowledge what your limits are; push yourself to those limits.  Hitting below won’t give you the results you desire, and above may lead to injury.  Facility – There isn’t a sign-up for our cardio machines as there once was, but we do ask that members honor the 30-minute maximum during busy or peak times when someone could be waiting.

CaringPersonal – Care for yourself by eating well, sleeping well, and creating a wellness balance in your life.  Facility –  allow others to work-in between your sets.  Working together can help build new relationships and friendships within our YMCA community.

RespectPersonal – Acknowledge that you are being the best version of yourself and stop comparing yourself to others.  Cherish the uniqueness that is you!  Facility – wipe down equipment after use, no one wants to use equipment that hasn’t been cleaned!  The staff and volunteer team has a cleaning list that covers all equipment in the gym and we do our best to keep things are clean as possible for member use.

ResponsibilityPersonal – Hold yourself accountable, don’t blame external forces if you stumble.  It happens to everyone; own it and move past it.  Facility – Clean up after yourself; put weights away, cable attachments back to where they belong, and take pride in being part of our YMCA community.

The YMCA prides itself on delivering four core values in our every day engagements.  As a member of the YMCA, we hope that you feel those core values every time you are in our facilities, as well as paying it forward to one another.

Be Well


True or False? Exercise Will Make you Lose Weight.

True or False – Exercise Will Make You Lose Weight–trick question.

FALSE. Exercise enhances weight loss ONLY if it creates a calorie deficit. There is a myth that people who constantly exercise become thin. This just simply isn’t true. How many people do you know who engage in activities that burn TONS of calories, like marathoners, gym rats, or weight-lifting fiends, yet still don’t have body fat percentages that they’re happy with? Probably a few, right?

Another huge misperception that people have is how quickly they can destroy a calorie deficit within only a few minutes of eating a few “harmless” snacks. Many people don’t realize the that in about 30 minutes of moderate to somewhat strenuous exercise, you burn about 300 calories, but that in 3 minutes of little “rewards” for either the great sweat session you just put in or for something completely unrelated like drinks with friends or indulging a sweets craving…those can easily add up to 300+ calories and now you’ve just undone that hard-earned deficit in a matter of minutes. For example, something as seemingly harmless as a Grande White Chocolate Mocha with nonfat milk and no whipped cream…doesn’t sounds that bad, right?

344 calories. There goes your workout right there

If your goal is to burn as many calories as possible, add weight lifting to your program to increase your afterburn. You will burn fat for longer post workout than cardio alone.