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The Four Core Values in Fitness

Weight-Room etiquette is basically the same at every gym or club.  At the YMCA we like to base our etiquette on four core values displayed prominently in every location across Calgary and Canada alike.  Following the basic idea of these core values both personally and within the facility allows all members to show one another the kindness of these core values in our workout areas.

Honesty – Personal – Listen to your body and acknowledge what your limits are; push yourself to those limits.  Hitting below won’t give you the results you desire, and above may lead to injury.  Facility – There isn’t a sign-up for our cardio machines as there once was, but we do ask that members honor the 30-minute maximum during busy or peak times when someone could be waiting.

CaringPersonal – Care for yourself by eating well, sleeping well, and creating a wellness balance in your life.  Facility –  allow others to work-in between your sets.  Working together can help build new relationships and friendships within our YMCA community.

RespectPersonal – Acknowledge that you are being the best version of yourself and stop comparing yourself to others.  Cherish the uniqueness that is you!  Facility – wipe down equipment after use, no one wants to use equipment that hasn’t been cleaned!  The staff and volunteer team has a cleaning list that covers all equipment in the gym and we do our best to keep things are clean as possible for member use.

ResponsibilityPersonal – Hold yourself accountable, don’t blame external forces if you stumble.  It happens to everyone; own it and move past it.  Facility – Clean up after yourself; put weights away, cable attachments back to where they belong, and take pride in being part of our YMCA community.

The YMCA prides itself on delivering four core values in our every day engagements.  As a member of the YMCA, we hope that you feel those core values every time you are in our facilities, as well as paying it forward to one another.

Be Well


Nominate Someone For Their Amazing Community Work

Do you know someone in your community who has done amazing work? Nominate them for a YMCA Peace Medal!

We have seen a great deal of generosity, compassion and kindness since the Southern Alberta Flood Emergency. A YMCA Peace Medal nomination is a great way to honour someone who deserves to be recognized for their efforts in making our communities a better place. Your nomination also helps create awareness about community needs and inspires others to get involved.

Help us celebrate and honour outstanding Calgarians. The recipients will be honoured at the 2013 Peace Medals event happening on Thursday, November 21, 2013, during YMCA Peace Week.

The nomination categories are:

Community Peace Initiatives by an Individual
Community Peace Initiatives by a Group
Community Peace Initiatives by a Youth
International Peace Initiatives by an Individual
International Peace Initiatives by a Group
International Peace Initiatives by a Youth
Humanitarian Peace Initiative
YMCA Calgary Staff Peace Initiative

Download the Nomination Package

Updateable Form (PDF) or
Editable Word Document (DOC)

Submission deadline: Oct 1, 2013

Contact Selena Gignac, Community Outreach Manager at 403-537-1716 or sgignac@calgary.ymca.ca for more details.

Kindness Boomerang

With the submission deadline for YMCA Peace Medals nominations coming up in September, I wanted to share an amazing and very inspirational video by Life Vest Inside. Watch as the camera tracks an act of kindness as its passed from one individual to the next and manages to boomerang back to the person who set it into motion.

Nominate someone who inspires you for a YMCA Peace Medal.

How Disasters Bring Out Our Kindness

An inspiring and warming article on the Time Healthland website by writer Maia Szalavitz all about how for the most part, disasters like Sandy bring out the kindness and compassion in humans:

“As the East Coast awakened to the aftermath of Sandy— with millions of people without power, many lacking running water and New York City’s transit system crippled, possibly for days—many are facing enormous emotional and physical challenges. But at least, say experts, they can rely on the kindness of strangers—not just loved ones— to temper the blow.

Although there’s a mentality that disasters provoke frenzied selfishness and brutal survival-of-the-fittest competition, the reality is that people coping with crises are actually quite altruistic.”

Read more about how kindness abounds in hard times on the Time Healthland website

Love Yourself

Here’s an article by Laura Prevost on the Mind Body Green website about being kind to yourself and treating yourself as nicely as you do other people:

We’ve all been there – we’ve all had the days where we’re super down on ourselves. Sometimes those little niggling voices pipe up (usually at inconvenient times) and fill us up with yuck. It ain’t easy being YOU but you’re the BEST you there is so it’s super important to Love yourSELF.

Click here to read the full article on www.mindbodygreen.com.