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Three Holiday Gift Ideas at the YMCA

Give the Gift of Health
Three Holiday Gift Ideas at the YMCA

This year, give a gift that’s really valuable to someone’s health.

Here are great ways to tell friends and family you care.

A Punch Card allows guests to drop-in at their convenience so they can have more time enjoying
YMCA and time for themselves. Purchase a 10-Visit Punch Card for the Price of 9-Visits!

A YMCA Gift Card can be used towards any program or service at the YMCA including membership, massage services (available at the Gray Family Eau Claire YMCA) a summer camp week, babysitting services, personal training, swimming lessons, and any YMCA program. Available in any denominations and there is no expiration date.

Can’t find a unique gift for the person who has everything? Donate to the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign on their behalf and help kids belong, grow, thrive and lead in your community.

Visit any YMCA location to purchase these items.



Last Minute Costumes

Has your kid been invited to a Halloween party at the last minute? Grape juice spilled all over that perfectly white angel outfit?

Have no fear! There are many last minute costumes to be easily whipped up at home! Here are links to some websites with lists of last minute costume ideas:

Summer Series #4: Netball

Written by Social Media Youth Volunteer: Sheriza Jiwani

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Created in 1899, Netball is a game similar to basketball but with slight alterations to the rules. In netball, you can’t dribble, where moving the ball involves passing. This game features thirds in which only certain players can go in. The duration of netball includes four 15mins quarters.


Netball was made off of the basis of basketball. In 1891, James Naismith, a Canadian Immigrant to Canada, created basketball. He sent a copy to a sports teacher, Clara Baer in New Orleans. When she was looking at the drawings of the court, she misinterpreted the player’s actions as remaining in the third they were drawn in.

Compared to basketball, netball is slower which is preferred by some. I really enjoyed it when I tried it. It involved everybody on the team so no one was left out.

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The Truth about Milk

In an article on the Canadian Living website, writer Cara Rosenbloom discusses the truth behind some common milk myths:

“From rumours about hormones to whispers about weight gain, our expert sets the record straight about nine common milk myths…”

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