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One Step at a Time

What a great day to change your life.  So where do you start?

Part One – Overhauling Your Dietary Habits

This is a huge piece to the wellness puzzle, and oh my goodness is there ever a TON of conflicting information out there.  It’s impossible to be able to tell the good information from the not-so-good sometimes, especially with all the different “fad” diets, cleanses, and restrictions that affect our eating habits.  The resource that is recommended by Health Canada is Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating which includes examples of what foods fit into each of four food groups.  It also offers tips on how to eat optimally for your age and gender, beginning at age two (younger children should follow the advice of their family physician to ensure all health requirements are being met). 

Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating also gives examples of proper portion sizes.  The reality is that we could actually be over or under-eating certain foods and not even know it.  Did you know that one bagel is actually two servings of grain products?  That two eggs is one serving of Meat and Alternatives? That half a cup of pure fruit juice is one serving?  I have personally found it helpful to have a food scale in my home.  Having the visual really helped me to learn what a single portion looks like, and has helped me to ensure that myself as well as my entire family is eating a healthy and balanced diet.  So much information is available just by going to:


Real change takes work, commitment, and willpower.   Dietary habits are life-long habits which you have become accustomed to from a young age, and it can be difficult to learn a different eating culture.  Changing small things (to start!) can help to find long-term success.  A few tips that you can do to get started are:

  • Choose whole grain bread products over white, it will help you feel full longer
  • Increase water consumption – drink a glass of water before you eat a meal
  • Choose vegetables and fruit more often than juice
  • Trim visible fats from your meat and remove the skin from poultry
  • Try something new!  Tofu, quinoa, soy, brown rice, lentils etc. might sound bizarre to you, but you might amaze yourself with the items that you actually like!

It is important to note that that specialized diets do have a place in wellness, however if you are restricting anything from your diet (ie: dairy, gluten/wheat, sugar) My advice is to have a registered dietician or physician’s recommendation and guidance to do so safely. 

Bon Appetit!

Call for Nominations: YMCA Board of Directors

Each year the YMCA Calgary Board of Directors reviews its composition and seeks to replace vacancies created by ‘graduating’ Board members with individuals from the Calgary community.

YMCA serves the needs of our diverse community and Board composition aims to also reflect the diversity of our community. Board members, who serve a three-year term, play a governance role in supporting the strategic vision of YMCA Calgary.

We are currently seeking two new members with one or more of the following professional competencies and skills:

  • Experience in Health & Wellness
  • Legal Expertise
  • Human Resources & Governance Experience

If you are committed to playing a leadership role in our community including supporting the financial sustainability of the organization, possess the preceding core competencies and are passionate about telling ‘the YMCA story’, please consider a nomination.

Individuals may express their interest by providing their resumes on or before January 31, 2013 to:

Attention: Nominating and Board Governance Committee
YMCA Calgary
Association Services
101 – 3 Street SW
Calgary, AB T2P 4G6

The process for selection of new Board members occurs in February and March for the presentation to the Annual General Meeting in early May.

For more information:

  • Deborah Yedlin, Chair, Nominating & Board Governance Committee
  • Helene Weir, President & CEO, YMCA Calgary
  • 403-237-9622

About YMCA Calgary:

The Impact of Volunteering to Our Society

Written by Social Media Youth Volunteer: Yvonne Dutallas

Today, Canada as a country is comparable to a beautiful rainbow with a variety of colors which was blended into a masterpiece. Canada has a very rich and diverse cultural heritage that contributed so much to its nation building and economic development. This unique culture was attributed from the best individual skills, experiences, beliefs and tradition brought along by different immigrants coming from different parts of the world.

However, as gold is subjected to extreme heat to extract the purest of gold, so are the different immigrants being uprooted from their comfort zone, their homeland. Coming to an unfamiliar territory, volunteering is one of the best ways for new immigrants to integrate into society. This is one of the proven channels to harness an individual’s potential that can contribute to a collective action for the betterment of the society.

To volunteer is to give back to the community without expecting anything in return. An example of this is extending help to YMCA, Food Banks, Red Cross, Drop-in Centers and other Non-profit Immigrant Serving Organization. This noble act of getting involved and helping one another has a domino effect to the community at large. It impacted the life of new immigrants as well who tried their best to understand and integrate to the community they live in which was also equally benefited by their services.

Being an immigrant myself, I had a personal experience to relate as a newcomer here in Canada. I tried my best to fit in by mingling with other people with different cultural backgrounds. Luckily, I was so blessed and thankful to have friends who helped me face all the challenges and hardships that a newcomer could ever possibly face. Their guidance and inspiration supported me immensely. I am so proud to say that I do have great mentors in my life right now. Strong-willed, dedicated, great men and women who supported and believe in me keep me up and on my feet and motivate me to pursue my dreams. Today, my mentors are my greatest inspiration to head-on all challenges in my life. Given this privilege that I enjoyed today, I promised myself to pay it forward to other incoming immigrants in the future, thus it would be a domino effect. The act of paying the goodness forward could create a tremendous impact to society.