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Three Holiday Gift Ideas at the YMCA

Give the Gift of Health
Three Holiday Gift Ideas at the YMCA

This year, give a gift that’s really valuable to someone’s health.

Here are great ways to tell friends and family you care.

A Punch Card allows guests to drop-in at their convenience so they can have more time enjoying
YMCA and time for themselves. Purchase a 10-Visit Punch Card for the Price of 9-Visits!

A YMCA Gift Card can be used towards any program or service at the YMCA including membership, massage services (available at the Gray Family Eau Claire YMCA) a summer camp week, babysitting services, personal training, swimming lessons, and any YMCA program. Available in any denominations and there is no expiration date.

Can’t find a unique gift for the person who has everything? Donate to the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign on their behalf and help kids belong, grow, thrive and lead in your community.

Visit any YMCA location to purchase these items.



Three Holiday Gift Ideas at the YMCA

This festive season, give someone the gift that keeps on giving!

Looking for a unique gift this year for stocking stuffers, teachers, employees, neighbors, family, friends and that hard-to-shop-for person on your list? YMCA Calgary has many options that will come in handy after indulging in the holiday season:

1. Drop-In Punch Cards

A Punch Card allows guests to drop-in, use and reload at their convenience, without having to purchase individual drop-in passes each visit, so they can enjoy more time at the Y.

Purchase a 10-Visit Punch Card for the Price of 9!

  • Adult (18Y+): $120
  • Senior (65+): $67.71
  • Student (18-25 with ID): $81.43
  • Youth (12-17): $67.71
  • Child (0-10): $40.29
  • No Expiry Date
  • GST not included

2. Gift Cards

A YMCA Gift Card can be used towards any program or service at the YMCA including membership, massage services (available at Eau Claire YMCA) a summer camp week, babysitting services, personal training, swimming lessons, and any YMCA program.

  • Available in any denominations
  • No expiry date

3. Charitable Giving

Can’t find a unique gift for the person who has everything? Donate to YMCA Strong Kids Campaign on their behalf.


Visit Member Services at your YMCA for more information on any of these gift-giving ideas.



Shake It Up!

2014 is a great time to switch up your workout or wellness routine.  Whether you are a beginner, or are seasoned to your workout routine, a simple change of how you’re working out can really make a difference.

A routine is just that; the same thing every day, every week.  When working the same muscle groups in the same order and in the same way your body will learn this pattern and adapt to it; expecting it.  By changing the modality of training, you can shock your muscles and body systems which can once again achieving a higher rate of results, like you once did when you began your current routine.

At the YMCA, we try to offer a variety of options for all levels of fitness and experience. Programming, classes, and other wellness options are available to both members and non-members alike.

Getting Started

New to the Y?  Consider registering at Membership Services for a wellness appointment. Available to YMCA Members, a wellness appointment gives you an hour of personalized time with one of our certified wellness coaches.  The coach will help determine which course of activity is right for you, Coach Approach©, Fitlinxx, or Personal Training, as well as recommend any fitness classes that suit your interests and wellness goals.  Some group fitness classes that are geared towards beginner/intermediate level are:

Group Cycle*, Turn & Burn*, Step Fit*, YBO*, Muscle Works*, Barbell Blast*, Karma*, Cardio & Core*, Hi/Lo*, First Ascents Climbing, Shallow H2O Aqua-Fit*, Gentle H2O Aqua-Fit*, Yoga Passive – Stress Reduction & Meditation, Fusion, Zumba, Social Dance Level One (partner required), Belly Dance Level One, Triathlon Training, Individual Conditioning Level One, and Pilates Level One

The Fitness Veteran

As noted above, changing what, how and when you work out will definitely enhance results and help get you out of that workout rut.  Getting past that plateau and changing your routine will invigorate your workouts and reenergize you in a whole new way!  Try a group fitness class that interests you, climb out of that box you’re in and experience a whole new world!  Some fitness classes that are geared more towards intermediate/advanced level are:

Performance Cycle*, HEAT*, The Worx*, Cardio & Core, YBO Plus*, Cardio & Sculpt*, Hi/Lo*, Turn & Burn*, Yoga-Active, Yoga Level Two, Zumba, TRX, Metabolic Conditioning, Triathlon Training, Deep H2O Aqua-Fit*, Shallow H2O Aqua-Fit*, Appalachians Climbing, Individual Conditioning Level Two, Boxer’s Workout, and Pilates Level Two

Not a Member?

That’s OK, we’re happy to welcome you.  Options for non-members include any of our registered and drop-in programming, as well as Personal Training services.  If interested in a drop-in fitness class or open gym, badminton etc… simply pay the drop-in fee at Membership Services and come on in!

Good luck shaking it up, and please don’t be shy; ask us any questions you might have to ensure you’ve found the right fit for you!  It is important to note that everyone is welcome in any fitness class.  However, you will find you need to take advantage of modifications offered by the instructor and listen to your body.

*Denotes a drop-in fitness class, registration is required in all others.  The Fitness Flex Pass is available for most registered programs.  The Fitness Flex  Pass allows attendance to a registered class to try it out before committing to a full session, to ensure it’s right for you.


A Generous Legacy Gift

A very generous legacy gift of $117,000,000 was made to The Calgary Foundation today by Mr. Daryl “Doc” Seaman.

This is an amazing, almost incomprehensible gift, that truly will create a legacy for generations to come in our great city.

I attended the celebration luncheon to recognize, celebrate, and announce this gift. What amazed me even more was how little people talked about the money.  Speaker after speaker spoke about Doc’s character, his legendary handshake, his Saskatchewan roots, his care for others, his desire to “leave everything as good as you found it, if not better.”

Legacy is a powerful word—and today, I saw and heard first-hand—just how much of a legacy Doc has already created and just how much more will be created because of his character.

While we may not all have $117 million dollars, we all have character.

And character, does indeed, determine each of our legacies.

Thank you, Doc–for inspiring us all to think about how we will leave everything better than we found it.

Read more about Doc and his Legacy gift.

Adopt a Family at Shawnessy YMCA

Our annual Adopt a Family is underway!  

Shawnessy YMCA is excited to be helping three families enjoy the festive season.  We invite you to come into the branch and check out our main display located across from Member Services. 

How can you help? 

  • Come in and read about our families in need
  • Find a gift wish tag located on the Christmas “Wish” Tree   
  • Return the unwrapped item by December 8th  

Watch for more Wish Trees appearing around the branch later this week. 

Thank you for making this annual campaign of giving such a success!

Adopt a Family

Every year around Christmas time, YMCA Calgary helps many families from our YMCA programs by collectively coming together to purchase gifts and food for families in need.

At Eau Claire YMCA we have our display up by the front desk.  This year Eau Claire YMCA has adopted 5 families!

How Can You and Your Family Help?

  1. Check the display for each family’s needs or gift suggestions
  2. Take the tag(s) that describes the item you would like to donate.
  3. Buy the gift(s).
  4. Bring your tag and unwrapped item to Member Services by noon on Friday, December 7, 2012
  5. YMCA staff will deliver gifts to the families the following week.

How are the Families chosen?

The families the YMCA helps are gathered from several different branches of the YMCA. At branch level, through the Daycare or other programs, through Community YMCA Programs including YMAP (YMCA Achievement Program), Aboriginal Programs and Services, Kid’s Club, LINC (Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada), and Outreach.

Thank-you for sharing the joy of the holidays!

How CDNs Give Time & Dollars

Check out the Volunteer Canada website to see the news on how Canadians are giving their time and dollars to charities.

One link on the site is to the Imagine Canada website which tells:

“The Canada Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating (CSGVP) provides the most comprehensive overview of the contributions of time and money Canadians make to nonprofit and charitable organizations and to each other. Conducted in 1997, 2000, 2004, 2007 and 2010, the CSGVP surveyed a random sample of Canadians on how they:

  • Gave money and other resources to charitable and nonprofit organizations
  • Volunteered time for charitable and voluntary organizations and for individuals directly
  • Participated in organizations by becoming members”

See the CSGVP on the Imagine Canada website. Includes survey topics, factsheets, presentations and more!

Your Legacy – Think about the YMCA

You’ll wait for a bus, a plane, a taxi, you’ve waited for the phone to ring, for a decision to be made and, you’ve wisely waited for just the right moment.

Sometimes, you just want to wait to see what happens next.

But when it comes to your legacy, don’t wait until it’s too late.

Think about YMCA Calgary in your estate planning.  We have been here for 100 years ……………your estate gift to the YMCA will help us serve our community for 100 more.

For more information, please contact Lana Dionne, General Manager, Financial Development, 403-781-1663, ldionne@calgary.ymca.ca

YMCA Planned Giving/Endowment Program..Something to Think About

You’ll wait for a bus, a plane, a taxi.  You’ll patiently wait to be seated and always wait for your number to be called.  You’ll wait for the phone to ring or a decision to be made.   Sometimes you just want to wait and see what happens next.

But when it comes to your legacy, don’t wait until it’s too late.

To learn more about the YMCA Calgary Endowment/Planned Giving program, contact Lana Dionne at 403-781-1663 or ldionne@calgary.ymca.ca.  We have a volunteer consultant who can also assist with an initial visit to discuss the variety of options available when thinking about leaving a gift to the YMCA in your estate.