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Fill ‘er Up!

You wouldn’t attempt to drive your car when it has no fuel.  You know better, and would make sure to put something in the tank before heading out even for a short trip around town, let along a long trip.

Food is our fuel, it’s our energy source that runs all of our body’s systems.  So why do we continually see people trying to workout without enough fuel in the tank? It’s important to make sure that you have a little something to eat before your workout – always.

Round It Out – Plan a pre-workout snack to have a protein, carb, and a fruit or vegetable.  Of course whatever you choose is going to depend on personal preferences, and any dietary restrictions you might have, but some of my favorite pre-workout dining includes milk, eggs, nut butters, cottage cheese, yogurt & granola.  All items high in protein that will help you to feel more satisfied yet keeping it light.  Morning-glory or Bran muffins, oatmeal with fruit or nuts, or high fiber cereals are all carbs that have whole or fuller grains to help you feel fuller without eating a large amount.  Bananas and apples are my favorite go-to fruits to round it out.  They are easy to take on the go, relatively mess-free and provide a decent amount of nutrients and fiber.  Mixed melon, cucumber, and mixed berries are a fresh,  light change as well.  Making a smoothie to go is also a great way to incorporate more than one of these nutrient groups together in a tasty way.  Try adding spinach for a high iron boost in a fruit/veg smoothie!

Did You Know? Cramping when running or swimming after eating a fuller meal is actually your body trying to digest that food.  The blood that supplying your body’s intestinal tract gets redirected to your arms and legs, and the food “stalls” in your intestines.

Don’t let your car sputter out, just make sure you put premium in!

Introducing Fuel, the YMCA Calgary Magazine!


Read the first issue here!


Fuel covers

The word “fuel” has a lot of meanings here in Calgary. It’s the stuff that helps to drive our economy, and it evokes that can-do spirit for which Calgarians are known. It’s symbolic of the energy you

feel when you get your heart rate up, challenging yourself through physical activity.

For us here at YMCA Calgary, fuel is also a word that brings to mind the passion of our staff, volunteers and members to take a 114-year-old organization boldly into the future. In these pages, you’ll learn more about the broad impact YMCA Calgary programs and services have in the Calgary community.

This is one of the most exciting times to be part of the YMCA. Through a true partnership with the City of Calgary, we will soon be operating three new Centres of Community, adding to the work we are already doing in our five established branches and in over 60 other sites across town.

This magazine is devoted to some of the stories of ways we are fulfilling our vision of communities that are vibrant and healthy because youth and adults belong, grow, thrive and lead. From our award-winning child care curriculum Playing to Learn, to our jewel in the Rockies, Camp Chief Hector YMCA, to South Health Campus YMCA, the only Y in a hospital facility in the country, we are embracing
a future where people of all ages move more, connect more and are energized by the people around them.

We’re YMCA Calgary, and this is our fuel.

Enjoy it.

-Helene Weir, YMCA Calgary president & CEO




Best Food for Runners

Check out this article on the Time Healthland website full of information about the best for for fueling up both before and after your run:

“Fueling your body before and after a strenuous workout is crucial for minimizing soreness and re-energizing your muscles. After a long training run or a high-intensity cardio day at the gym, your body is depleted of its stored energy, and your muscles need to replenish this glycogen as soon as possible in order to recover in time for your next workout. Eating snacks that combine protein and carbohydrates are best for nourishing your muscles the right way.”

Click here to read the article in full by Alexandra Sifferlin on the Time Healthland website.

Hybrid Vehicles: Is It for You?

Did you know YMCA Calgary has a Green team? The YMCA Calgary Green Team works hard to ensure our organization is doing its part to ensure the longevity of our planet. YMCA Calgary provides a Green tip each month in our YMCA Today electronic newletter (you can sign up to receive the newsletter on the bottom right corner on any page of the www.ymcacalgary.org website).

This month’s tip is about choosing a hybrid vehicle. National Geographic provides a great article about going about selecting one of these types of vehicles:

“Hybrid automobiles use both an internal-combustion engine and electrical power to drive the vehicle and can be built around one of several architectures. When selecting a hybrid vehicle, it’s important to consider the kind of performance and efficiency characteristics you seek and how much of a hybrid ‘price premium’ you’re willing to tolerate. In addition, weigh issues of reliability and safety as objectively with hybrid vehicles as with any other type of car.”

Click here to read the full article on the National Geographic website. Some other websites with useful information on choosing a hybrid vehicle are:

  • GreenCar.com has loads of info about hybrid vehicles.
  • CNet.com reviews a whole spectrum of hybrid vehicles.
  • HybridCar.com includes a mileage calculator and explains some of the technology of hybrid vehicles.
  • FuelEconomy.org is from the US Department of Energy for fuel economy information.