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YMCA Kids in Motion Food Drive 2016

YMCA Kids in Motion Food Drive

Each year, YMCA kids and youth collects thousands of pounds of food donations in multiple Calgary communities for the Calgary Food Bank. This summer marks the 16th Annual YMCA Calgary Kids in Motion and Day Camps Food Drive.

This year’s food drive will take place the week of August 8-12, 2016.

Pick-up dates:

  • August 10: Connaught, Millican/Ogden, Vista/Mayland Heights, Marlborough Park, Falconridge
  • August 11: Rosscarrock, West Dover, Inglewood, Albert Park/Radisson Heights, Huntington Hills, Arbour Lake, Sunnyside, Altadore, Somerset, Martindale
  • August 12: Auburn Bay

For more information, contact Blake Hinchey, Community Outreach DIrector at blake.hinchey@calgary.ymca.ca

14th Annual Food Drive!

This summer will mark the 14th Annual YMCA Calgary Kids in Motion and Day Camps Food Drive. This year’s food drive will take place the week of August 12th, 2013. YMCA kids and youth collect food donations in multiple Calgary communities all week for the Calgary Food Bank. In 2012, almost 10,000 pounds of donations were collected for Calgarians in need.

Kids in Motion is a summer volunteer program for young people ages nine to 12. Participants volunteer in meaningful projects in their local community and in return receive the opportunity to enjoy fun recreational activities. The values, lesson and opportunities youth gain from this program are invaluable as they learn to work as a team and share pride in a job well done. They learn they can make a positive contribution to their community, which in turn helps to develop lifelong leadership skills.

On August 14, 15, & 16 Kids In Motion participants as well as our day-campers from across the city will be trekking through several communities to collect donations for this year’s drive.  Be sure to watch for your Food Bank bag and reminder flyer in the few days before the food drive begins.

If you would like to know if your community is included or which days we will visit you, please call Selena Gignac, Community Outreach Manager, at 403-899-4047



13th Annual Food Drive a Success

We had another successful year with the Food Drive.  In total we collected 7, 843 lbs of food to donate to the Food bank.  In addition, we got a donation of 555 lbs of school supplies from Apache Printing that also went to the Food Bank.

A huge congratulations to Riveredge who brought in the most lbs of food with a whopping 965 lbs!  Way to go guys!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped make the 13th Annual Food Drive a success! 


Food Bank Flurry with YMCA Kids in Motion

Another GREAT YMCA Kids in Motion Food Drive! Each year, YMCA Kids in Motion and Camp Riveredge YMCA day campers team-up to gather donations for the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank.

Kids in Motion 2012

This event raises TONS of food for people in need while teaching children and youth teamwork and leadership skills. In addition, the young people learn about being part of the ‘bigger picture’ and giving back to community. The community gains by having a new generation of respectful and thoughtful people who care about where they live and helping others.

“The YMCA Kids in Motion program is a great way for kids to gain a sense of community involvement,” said Helene Weir, President & CEO of YMCA Calgary. “Part of what we do is to educate and provide personal development opportunities. That is what YMCA Kids in Motion is all about.”

Kids in Motion 2012

Want to know more about YMCA Kids in Motion? Children in the free YMCA Kids in Motion program volunteer in meaningful community projects over the summer and in return, are provided recreational opportunities. They gain self-confidence and leadership skills, and learn the value of community repsonibility while staying active, being healthy and having fun. Click here to see the full details on our website.

13th Annual YMCA Food Drive

YMCA Calgary’s Kids in Motion program is hosting the 13th Annual Food Drive in support of the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank.

Kids in Motion is a work for leisure program where children ages 9-12 volunteer in the morning doing things such as the food drive, community gardens, murals and are then rewarded in the afternoon with recreational activities such as the zoo, bowling, swimming etc. 

The largest single event the Kids in Motion leads is the city wide food drive.  This year, YMCA Calgary is running the 13th annual Food Drive.  Last year we collected approximately 9,000 pounds of food!  These donations help supply Calgarians with food for the month of September and will help feed some of the 146,947 Calgarians who access the Food Bank in a year.

This year, YMCA Calgary will be joining forces with North Hill Shopping Centre and competing with 17 other cities in the Fare Fight for Food.  This is a Canada wide competition to win up to $50,000 in grants to support the Food Bank

Speak to a Member Services representative or call (403) 899-4127 for more information on how you can help.