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Ready for a New Fitness Challenge?

Step up your game with one of our new fitness & wellness classes at Saddletowne YMCA in 2016:

Obstacle Race Training

This is a great class to take whether you are looking for a program that will challenge you in different ways, push you past a fitness plateau or help prepare you for an actual Obstacle Race for the first or fiftieth time! This class will cover muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular endurance, balance, agility and grip strength with a variety of drills that will take you out of your comfort zone and drive your fitness to the next level. In addition to studio, track and weight floor work, certain classes may include workouts on the climbing wall, in the swimming pool or outdoors to improve your fitness in a range of environments and modalities.

Mondays | Starts Jan 11 | 5:30-6:30pm | M $90 NM $126 | 9 classes | Barcode# 107157
Wednesdays | Starts Jan 13 | 6:30-7:30pm | M $100 NM $140 | 10 classes | Barcode# 107158
Fridays | Starts Jan 15 | 10:30-11:30am | M $100 NM $140 | 10 classes | Barcode# 107159

Sport Conditioning

Are you passionate about sports? Do you want to build strength and stamina to improve your game? This class will provide sports-based exercises and drills to help you increase muscular strength & endurance, coordination, agility, quickness and stability to improve your sport performance. Exercises and drills will be determined based on the interests and needs of the group, according to their sport(s) of preference.

Thursdays | Starts Jan 14 | 7:00-8:00pm | M $100 NM $140 | 10 classes | Barcode# 107161
Fridays | Starts Jan 15 | 5:15-6:15pm | M $100 NM $140 | 10 classes | Barcode# 107163
Sundays | Starts Jan 17 | 5:30-6:30pm | M $90 NM $126 | 9 classes | Barcode# 107162

Advanced Conditioning

Are you tired of machines and dumbbells? This class will teach you about different training techniques and equipment that can be used to take your workout to the next level. Learn how to use things like Kettlebell, TRX and Battleropes with proper form and apply principles of HIIT (high intensity interval training) for optimal efficiency. Step out of the rut with Advanced Conditioning!

Tuesdays | Starts Jan 12 | 7:30-8:30pm | M $100 NM $140 | 10 classes | Barcode# 107121
Wednesdays | Starts Jan 13 | 9:15-10:15am | M $100 NM $140 | 10 classes | Barcode# 107160

Nutrition 101: 7 Keys to Eating for Good Health

Are you wanting to make changes to your eating habits but are unsure where to start? Have you tried dieting and found that you were left feeling hungry and unsatisfied? Are you aware of the changes you want to make but just need a bit of extra support getting there? Are you confused by all of the conflicting nutrition information and advice being dished out by the media?

If any of these situations apply to you, this is a course you won’t want to miss! Facilitated by a Registered Dietician, this course will introduce you to simple dietary changes you can adopt that will make the most difference to your health, along with practical strategies for doing so. The science behind the information will be explored to help clarify nutritional advice and dispel the myths. In addition, you will have the opportunity to keep a personal food journal and receive weekly feedback and support on your progress and challenges over this 8-week program to give you the best chances for success in reaching your goals.

Saturdays | Starts Jan 16 | 9:30-10:30am | M $80 NM $112 | 8 classes | Barcode# 111873

Grade 6 Master Chef Challenge

Master Chef Challenge


Attention all Grade 6 members at Crowfoot YMCA! We would like to invite you to join us on Saturday, September 26 from 1:00-3:00 pm for a Master Chef Challenge!

In teams, you will complete various challenges to win secret ingredients for a dessert that you will create together.

Once the desserts are made, they will be judged on looks, originality and taste!

Don’t miss out on this fun event! Please register for free over the phone or at the front desk with the barcode #106193.

When: Saturday, September 26 from 1:00-3:00 pm
Where: Crowfoot YMCA in Multipurpose Room #1
What: A free Grade 6 Event
Price: FREE
Registration details: Please register over the phone or at the front desk. Barcode #106193


Y Survive Began This Week!

 Y Survive officially begins across YMCA Calgary!


It’s not too late to join in on the friendly team competition which will challenge the minds, bodies and spirits of participants.

Join a tribe and compete to collect points through logging physical activities and challenges on Fitlinxx. Scores will be posted throughout the weeks, and the tribe with the highest score will win a victory trophy and bragging rights!

How to Join In:

  • Visit Member Services at your branch.
  • Learn about using Fitlinxx to track your activities and earn points.
  • Get regular email updates and events from your team captain.
  • Participate in a 30 minute workout- make sure you bring your workout clothes!

There is still time to register- for only $10 you will get a free dry-fit t-shirt and participate in this exciting, month-long event.

YSurvive is Coming in February

IMG_0111 IMG_0114

Keep your motivation going after the New Year with some friendly and healthy competition.

Yes YSurvive is back for its sixth year! This is a great way to meet new people, try new activities, shake up your routine and stick with fitness goals.

All YMCA Calgary members, volunteers and staff are welcome to join this fun event. Just stop by Member Services to register, get your t-shirt and be placed on a tribe with a captain. The tribe that earns the MOST points during the competition wins bragging rights and special recognition on the YSurvive Cup!

To earn points you can run, swim, lift weights, climb, shoot basketball, play badminton or participate in yoga and fitness classes. There will also be special challenges, themes and prizes!

Don’t miss out on all the fun! Registration starts in January and the competition runs February 2 through March 9. Watch for details in displays at all locations.

Y Survive Returns Feb 3 – March 16

Looking for a way to keep your motivation? Y Survive is a great way to try new activities, meet new friends, engage in a little friendly competition and most importantly, stay committed to fitness!

Workouts are individual however points count towards TRIBE totals. All physical activity you take part in at YMCA will count towards these points! Points are being recorded on our computer FitLinxx system.

Branches will run special Y Survive events throughout the challenge. Bonus points are awarded for attending special events, and even more points if you wear your Tribe t-shirt.

Meet new friends, stay inspired and motivated, discover better health and gain stronger bodies!

Only $10 to participate! Includes cost of t-shirt.

Challenge Yourself with Capoeira

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that will challenge you both physically and mentally.

In a ‘game’ of Capoeira, two opponents ‘play’ in a circle or roda (pronounced hoda) and try to ‘outsmart’ the other with kicks, blocks, evasions, handstands, cartwheels, hooks/trips, etc to the rhythm of the berimbau – a unique Brazilian instrument.

Capoeira can be modified through skill progressions for beginners, intermediate players and those who are more advanced. It is great for people who want to try something new & exciting to improve their strength, agility, balance & coordination in a unique and fun class that helps to build camaraderie through friendly competition.

At Saddletowne YMCA we offer the following classes on Tuesday evenings:

Youth Capoeira (6-11 years)
Beginning January 7
Tuesdays 6:15-7:15pm
Barcode: 86253
M$88 NM$132 (11 classes x 60 minutes)

Adult Capoeira (12+ years)
Beginning January 7
Tuesdays 7:30-8:45pm
Barcode: 86243
M$110 NM$165 (11 classes x 75 minutes)

Join us for the Y-Eco Challenge!

It’s YMCA Peace Week across Canada!

YMCA Calgary staff are participating in the Y-Eco Challenge this week to learn and build awareness about the environment and sustainability.

For the next 5 days (Nov 18th-22nd) YMCA staff and volunteers will be demonstrating their best environmental practices! While the environment and sustainability can be serious topics, this challenge is designed to be lighthearted; there’s a whole lot of fun to be had!

We encourage all of you and your families to take part in the Y-Eco Challenge.

It’s really simple and easy, there are categories which convert to daily points. For example under the category ‘Reusable Food/Beverage Containers’ 1 point would be gained for bringing your lunch/snacks in containers that are reusable rather than in plastic bags or saran-wrap. Another point would be gained for reusing your drinks bottle/coffee mug for refills.

The Y-Eco Challenge is a great way to teach children about the importance of recycling while having fun and a little friendly competition.

Download the Y Eco-Challenge Personal Tracking Sheet to learn more.



Small Group Training comes to the Eau Claire Y!

  • Need a new challenge or like a bit of the ‘unknown’ thrown in to your workouts?
  • Class schedule doesn’t suit your timetable or you need a bit more flexibility built in?
  • Want to try personal training but it’s just out of reach?

YMCA Eau Claire is excited to launch a new way to get fit with the introduction of Small Group Training.

What is it?
Small Group Training (SGT) offers a dynamic, trainer-driven workout that is scalable to all fitness levels. Your workout could include free weights, sprints, kettlebells – whatever your trainer feels inspired by – plus always a ton of core work. And because of the guaranteed small class size you will receive all the hands-on expert guidance that you need to be safe and effective. If you already know what you’re doing, jump straight in to the workout and compete against yourself! It will be a fresh workout each time with progressions built in for regular participants.

How does it work?
Simply purchase a single or multi-visit punchcard from member services then turn up to any of the advertised times. There’s no need to register or sign up in advance. If you want to bring a friend they just take a punch from your card. If you’re feeling generous or trying to encourage a colleague/loved one to get more active, give them a card as a gift. They are fully transferrable and start from just $18 per class for members and $24 for non-members.

Where are the classes held?
All sessions will commence in the Functional Training Zone on the 4th floor. They may then lead to other parts of the facility or even outside (can you say Crescent Heights stairs?!).

Who is this for?
Everybody! All workouts will be scalable to challenge the beginner through to the advanced participant. If it’s your first class just let your trainer know so they can set you on the right course and make sure you receive the right amount of attention.

When does it run?
Small Group Training will run year-round, there will be no fixed start or end date. There will always be a selection of times available across the week which will be listed on the website and in the branch. If none of the listed times suit your schedule, find 3 friends and we’ll create a group just for you! Classes are capped at 8 participants per session so make sure you arrive on time to secure your place.

Why SGT? Why now?
Why not?! If you’re unsure if it’s for you, observe a class, chat with the trainer before/afterwards or jump in for a single session and see how you go – the worst that could happen is you get a great workout, the best is that you make some new friends!

Where do I start?
Come to our LAUNCH EVENT on Open Y Day – Sunday 18 August for FREE introductory workouts @ 0930, 1100 and 1230. Regular classes begin Monday 19 August at these times:

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
0800 0800 0900 0800 0900
2000 1500 1300

Any other questions can be answered by our member services staff, personal trainers or you can contact me directly on the email address below.

See you out there!

Geoff Starling
Strength & Conditioning Director
Eau Claire YMCA


Program Spring Registration is Now Open to All YMCA Members

YMCA Member Registration is in full swing!
Members are able to register now, and there is now exactly one week until Non-Members are able to register into programs. If you are a member, that means you hvae less than 1 week to get yourself of your loved ones into your favorite programs before they inevitably fill up on Tuesday March 5th.

Listed below are just a few amazing opportunities for both adults and youth offered by YMCA Calgary.

Steve Nash Basketball – An association-wide program, taking place at Crowfoot, Eau Claire, Saddletowne, and Shawnessy locations. Open to ages 6-13yrs, Steve Nash Basketball is a national youth basketball program designed to develop fundamental skills, sportsmanship and a love of the game for basketball among Canadian youth.

Fusion Fitness – A non-purist approach to traditional forms of training. It is a perfect blend of Yoga, Pilates and Fitness Conditioning that challenges strength, balance, flexibility, increases stamina and focuses the mind while cleansing the spirit.

Active Y Kids – Offers youth a chance to improve and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Designed to improve overall health, Active Y Kids incorporates cardiovascular and muscular conditioning activities, nutrition sessions, and self-development education.

Active Older Adult (AOA) – Learn safe, effective ways to include more free weight, on-the-ball and advanced balance exercises into your life. Open to ages 55Y+

Cookie Monsters – Allows children to express themselves through food preparation and selection, nutrition and cooking. The best part: the kids get to eat what they make!  Open for ages 3-5Y

Junior Lifeguard Club – Introduces you to lifesaving techniques and first aid skills. Youth will gain experience in accident prevention and dealing with the public. Participants must be aged 10-15yrs, and able to swim 50 metres and tread water for one minute.

TRX Bootcamp – Just what you need to tone up that beach-body!  This bootcamp style class will help you discover new training techniques with the TRX Suspension trainer.  A push in the right direction!

Capoeira – Elements of dance and acrobatics are incorporated into mixed martial arts offered by AXE Capoeira. Classes are offered to ages 6-11Y as well as 12Y+ for all abilities involving cardiovascular and muscular components as well as various forms of Brazilian music.

For more information on these or any other YMCA programming, please contact your closest YMCA branch.