Badminton Clinic and Exhibition at the Eau Claire YMCA

The Eau Claire YMCA and it’s members were treated last night when internationally ranked badminton players Charmaine Reid and Nicole Grether, stopped by to share their passion.

Adult and youth players were treated to a 40 minute clinic learning the in’s and outs of badminton strategy from these Olympians and were then thrilled as the two players engaged in an exhibition game and skills demonstration. (It was unbelievable when they played with two birdies at the same time!)

Our own weight floor personality and badminton enthusiast Elysia Atkinson paired up with Nicole to play against Charmaine and her partner. What a thrill! She rocked it!

Eau Claire squash regular Tom Emerson, who was there with his three kids, thrilled the crowd by returning 3/5 of Charmaine’s powerful smashes – they travelled crazy fast! He might be switching to the badminton court after that great effort!

Did you know – during a game of badminton, players can experience more than 5 kms of movement, that’s more than during a tennis game and it’s a bigger court.

Did you know – badminton is the second most played sport in the world beaten only by soccer!

Thanks to everyone who came out last night and thanks to our great badminton role models and mentors Charmaine and Nicole!