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Grade 6 Launch Party!

The grade 6 launch party was a great success with lots of people coming to the facility and participating in different activities! Keep an eye out for more special event!

Octobers activity schedules for October will be up soon, for your individual facility please check here.


Grade 6 Updates at the Shawnessy Y

Check out this awesome creation from Lego free build yesterday!

 There is Floor hockey tonight, Wednesdays 5 -6pm in gym 1.

Don’t forget to register for our launch party this Saturday from 1 to 3pm there will be loads  of awesome activities for the whole family ! Course code #107011
20150922_170009 20150922_170031

As always check out the Grade 6 activity schedule for the month, each branch has their own and can be found here!

Thanks for reading and see hopefully you soon!


Shawnessy YMCA March Grade 6 Activities

Spring is around the corner and the weather is getting nicer!


I just wanted to remind you that tomorrow is our first ever drop-in soccer tournament! It will take place from 1-3pm this Saturday 14/mar/2015. We are expecting nice weather (13oC-17oC and only slightly cloudy) so we are planning to host our tournament outside near the basketball courts!20150218_175709

We are hoping to run a 5-a-side tournament with around 4 teams and subs in a round robin style tournament, everyone gets to play. There will be a small prize for the winning team but everyone should be able to have Lots of fun in the Sun!* (*if weather is poor we will play inside in GYM 1)

If soccer isn’t your thing there is also Open climb from 1-3pm with our Climbing staff & volunteers on the climbing wall.

Nstep Healthy Eating is scheduled for Saturday also, 3:30-4:30pm in the Kitchen, Please Email me with your child’s name, phone number and ANY Allergies if you would like to attend!

QUICK HEADS UP: Next Saturday (21/mar/2015 – 1:15-3pm) we have our 2nd  ever Shawnessy YMCA Basketball branch Qualifier, Don’t forget to register at member services with course code #102437! It will be lots of fun and the winning two teams will go on to represent the Shawnessy YMCA at the final tournament at Eau Claire YMCA 1st of May 2015.

Philip Perryman

Youth Coordinator – YMCA Shawnessy.

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Calgary Flames Grade 6 Highlights @ Shawnessy YMCA

With the month of February coming to a close the Shawnessy YMCA is a hub of activity for youth of all ages! Here is a quick update on what our Calgary Flames Grade 6 members have been up to this month.

NSTEP Healthy Eating

As mentioned earlier this week we hosted our monthly NSTEP Healthy eating workshop, last Saturday (the 14th of Feb) our Grade 6 members enjoyed the opportunity to make healthy chicken nuggets from scratch!

Our NSTEP workshop will be returning on March the 14th 2015 from 3:30-4:30pm, to sign up Email me HERE with your child’s name, phone number and ANY food allergies!


Drop in Gym and open climb

Our weekly Grade 6 drop in Sport this month is soccer so come along and play! Drop-in Gym will return next week on the 25th of February 2015, All grade 6 members are invited!20150218_175904

On another note, I would like to remind everyone that rock climbing is included as part of the grade 6 membership, we host a regular weekly open climb on Saturdays from 1-3pm, All Climbers must have a climbing waiver form signed by a parent, you can collect this from member services. I really recommend this sport due to its fun and challenging nature!

Photography club

I hosted a photography club with a grade 6 member, check out some of the fun photos we took at the bottom!
Photography Club will return next month on the 19th of march with another Photo scavenger hunt! If you are interested in attending please email me here for more info!

Flames Friday Feb20th  2015 – Movie Night

We are hosting a movie night tonight next to the family center, we have a selection of General rated movies to pick from so come along and relax!

Later we will be hosting a Basketball tournament for our older youth 12years+ 8:00pm till 9:45pm.

Boot camp – Thursday Feb 26th 2015

We will be introducing our very first Grade 6 Boot camp! This will take place in the Studio from 5-6pm, we will be completing a circuit style work out using body resistance exercises and agility drills so come prepared to move and bring your water bottle.

Have you filled out our Sam2.0  survey?

The link is right here, and at the bottom if you have the time please feel free to provide us feedback. (

As always if you have any questions please contact me.

Philip Perryman, – Youth Coordinator Shawnessy YMCA


phone; 403 256 5533 ext 284

Photography club photos:

Shawnessy YMCA Grade 6 NSTEP Healthy eating workshop.


Last Saturday February 14th 2015 Shawnessy YMCA hosted our monthly Calgary Flames Grade 6 Member healthy eating workshop with our partners NSTEP.

The kids had requested being able to make healthy chicken nuggets, made with home-style ingredients and no preservatives. They really enjoyed the outcome!




After splitting into groups the kids each got to try cracking eggs (only one went on the floor!), cutting up the chicken and using the oven.

Our NSTEP Healthy Eating workshop will be returning next month on march 14th 2015 and is open to all grade 6 members, to register simply email me with your name, phone number and any food allergy’s!

Philip Perryman

20150214_161234Youth Coordinator Shawnessy YMCA

Y survive Vs Grade 6 indoor soccer!


Yesterday at the Shawnessy YMCA our Calgary Flames Foundation Grade 6 Members took part in a fun indoor soccer game against our Y-Survive teams as part of the drop in gym program we are running for our grade 6 members.

This one-time event gave both teams opportunities to get to know other members of the Shawnessy YMCA that they may not have met before and encouraged as sense of community. It was also a lot of fun!

Next week our regular drop-in gym will proceed in gym 1 on Wednesday 18th 2015 from 5-6pm, all grade 6 members are invited!

Philip Perryman

Youth Coordinator Shawnessy YMCA

Grade 6 Drop-In Soccer


This month at Shawnessy YMCA our Calgary flames foundation Grade 6 members have the opportunity to play indoor soccer at our Grade 6 Drop in Gym!

Today Wednesday 4th February we hosted Drop in Soccer for all our grade 6 members, we had a good turnout of players and it was lots of fun!

Next week we will be meeting again from 5-6 pm in gym 1 on Wednesday at the Shawnessy YMCA for a special Grade 6 Vs Y-survive event, all grade 6 members are invited so come along and try some soccer!

Philip Perryman

Youth Coordinator Shawnessy YMCA

Talk Space @ Shawnessy YMCA

20150130_165603Today at the Shawnessy YMCA we hosted our very first talk space, courtesy of the Calgary humane society and Calgary flames foundation.

Youth and grade 6 members were invited to attend the workshop about amphibians and reptiles as well as get up close and personal with Gus and , C.H.S’s resident geckos!

All the kids were very excited about being able to see the reptiles and really enjoyed the experience and being able to learn more about different types of unusual creatures.

February’s Shawnessy grade 6 calendar is out now and available to pick up in branch and is full of exciting activities to enjoy.

Philip Perryman

Shawnessy YMCA Youth Coordinator.

YMCA Calgary Flames Grade 6 Drop In Floor Hockey

shawnessy gr6 floor hockey

Yesterday we hosted our third session of our grade 6 drop in sports sessions here at YMCA Shawnessy, it was a lot of fun and a nice workout.

Our grade 6 members played floor hockey in the gym, we had two teams playing mini games of the first team to 5 points, then took a water break and switched up the teams.

The next session of our grade 6 drop in sports will be on Wednesday 28th of January 2015, from 4:50pm to 5:50pm all grade 6 members are invited!

Tomorrow, Friday the 23rd of January 2015 we will be hosting a Movie night in the preschool room (located next to the family center) from 5pm, we will be watching Finding Nemo! So come along and relax with your friends and watch a great movie.

Philip Perryman

Youth Coordinator Shawnessy YMCA


YMCA Calgary Flames Grade 6 member’s photography club.


Yesterday January 15th 2015 we hosted our very first photography club for our grade 6 members.

We decided to brave the cold weather so we could focus on our topic, Sunsets. A small group of grade 6 members joined us in a walk around the facility and took some fantastic photographs. We chose a few of our favorites to share with you.

The next photography club will be in February, check out the calendar for more details.

Don’t forget to email me to sign up for our other fun workshops. On January 30th 2015 YMCA Shawnessy will be introducing Talk Space, we will gave a guest speaker from the Calgary Humane Society coming to talk to our grade 6 members about amphibians and reptiles.

Philip Perryman

Shawnessy Youth Coordinator