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Mission & Values

YMCA Calgary’s Mission

YMCA Calgary is a charitable organization driven by its mission to facilitate and promote the spiritual, mental, physical and social development of individuals and to foster a sense of responsibility within the community.

YMCA Calgary’s Vision

Our communities are vibrant and healthy because children, youth and adults belong, grow, thrive and lead.

YMCA Calgary’s Values Statement

YMCA Calgary is committed to practicing and demonstrating the core values of respect, honesty, responsibility and caring in all aspects of the organization.

YMCA Calgary’s Statement of Principles

YMCA Calgary is committed to the following principles. These principles provide the core values for the organization:

  • A supportive environment fostering the growth and development of individuals in all their diversity and potential.
  • The provision of equal access and participation for all persons.
  • The promotion of fellowship, community responsibility and service.
  • A commitment to quality leadership provided by volunteers and staff.
  • An ethical and independent organization that is financially self-sufficient.
  • A global perspective and participation within the world community.


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