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The Four Core Values in Fitness

August 12, 2016

Weight-Room etiquette is basically the same at every gym or club.  At the YMCA we like to base our etiquette on four core values displayed prominently in every location across Calgary and Canada alike.  Following the basic idea of these core values both personally and within the facility allows all members to show one another the kindness of […]

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Fill ‘er Up!

August 5, 2016

You wouldn’t attempt to drive your car when it has no fuel.  You know better, and would make sure to put something in the tank before heading out even for a short trip around town, let along a long trip. Food is our fuel, it’s our energy source that runs all of our body’s systems.  So why […]

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Rainy Camp Riveredge Update

August 3, 2016

Due to heavy rainfall and the day’s forecast, Camp Riveredge and Aboriginal Camp Riveredge participants will be bussed to the Gray Family Eau Claire YMCA location.  All pick-up/drop-off locations and times will remain the same. Camp Riveredge participants that are dropped off at Camp Riveredge by parents/guardians, will be bussed to the Eau Claire location and […]

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